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Cheat Ninja saga Recruit NPC 10 Februari 2012

Download Fiddler [Download]
Download Swf File: [Download]

Open Ninja Saga & Fiddler2Drag Swf File of pet you have to fiddlerClear Browsing data  2 TimeGo To Hunting HouseWait To openClick Recruit NpcThen done go and do any Mission

Credit : Flash Force K.A.H

Cheat Ninja Saga ATM EXP Februari 2012

SWF File: [ SWF File ]
Password click here: [ Password ]

Follow Instructions: The Instructions are in the File

This works up to 2012 : Works 1000000000%

Note: Dont abuse just minimum of 5 levels a day if 60+

Existing AT Feature this cheat:

Here you will gain EXP, you enter in column Exp
Exp 1 = 1 million,
Exp 2 = 2 million,
3 = 3 million Exp, etc.

In the delay you can change it to speed up the process, but should not be changed so that no error will occur.

2. Level ATM

increase the level of your place, so do not count the number of exp
you need to climb to the next level. Here delay is also
can be changed (but should not be changed).

3. Auto Mission

difficulties you do a mission, you can use
this cheat to get it done but you must know the code
that mission.
How to use:

Write code and then click Exchange missionnya

3. Gold ATM

This is where you guys to get the gold. if you fill one in
gold column means you will get 100,000 …