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[Strategy] Impel Down & Zanpakuto System

1. Impel Down
Impel Down is a recently released feature in Chapter 9 for level 61 and above. It's Hell version of Valhalla. But, you can just take it as you fighting GM tanker in your server.POCKIENINJA% }; l: m% C1 P& o0 Z
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Note: If you die in Impel Down, it have same consequences as dying in hand of normal monster, which is pay stones to revive and lost 5% exp or pay gold to revive without losing any EXP." V+ b9 s% C. X3 @

Auto-challenge works without any cost nor refill, the best feature in Impel Down but you will have to start manually first to clear the floors for auto challenge to work. You can refresh (back to floor 1 of that stage) 5 times per day for each stage, first time will be free and the other 4 times started at 100g and will increase 100g every refresh afterwards e.g. 300g at 2nd paid refresh. Impel don't refresh daily by itself but must use refresh functio…

Tutorial Pockie Ninja Building Functions (Chapter 9 Updated) Completed

Pockie Ninja Building Functions (Chapter 9 Updated) Completed 

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1. Hall
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a. Lounge (available in outdoor team stone too) POCKIENINJA3 k4 A& Z4 S& L" n
- You can restore your HP and Chakra to the max using stones. ( H9 n3 X9 b0 s/ |( O; \# l
- You can also restore your movement points (up to 30 per day) using minimal of 1 gold or gift coupon every Movement Point. 

b. Hall
- This hall functions as a training ground. Max time limit is 8 hours. However, when you train in hall, you are bound to the city and unable to go outside of the city. But, you still access the building in the city.6 N; J8 p# a( k4 c$ \  d
- There is 2 types of room in hall. Firstly, the Common room which is normal and have vast capacity for players to train. You can increase +5% EXP gain in hall if your room is full. Another room is the Special Room. The reas…