[Strategy] Pockie Ninja Tailed Beast

POCKIENINJA5 ^* Q. `& _! I5 A: @. S2 D4 q; R

Now that we've had some time to experience the event and witnesses my servers' 4 out of 5 victories, I can put down facts rather than just ideas that I have. Requirements to defeat 5 tailed beast are:

1) Have heavy golds users in the serverPockie Ninja,Community,Forum0 C: e' z2 {- N, Y8 |
2) Have a sizable server population present for the eventninja.forum.game321.com. T5 s/ h8 S& W
3) Buy wood talismans from the MM
[Credit to SexyBabe for this list although I think I missed a few, correct me if you see this]; j. N( m5 k! P/ v' w. _! O1 b. s
Wood Talismans can also be a drop from fighting the beasts. THESE TALISMANS ARE NOT LIKE THE ONES FROM THE MM. They have an expiration time so use them now as they only last an hour.

This Strategy will focus on just defeating the first 5 tailed beasts. EVERYONE SHOULD FOCUS ON THE SAME BEAST! If you are having trouble with the beasts in their last form then move onto the next tailed beast. By no means should a server try to defeat anything beyond the 5 tails for VICTORY, its too difficult right now. 1 L: e9 X) x$ k
& a7 h6 m% w: w1 b  z! z: s+ f
: Q9 `, l% Q3 N, R# Y7 ?( f! w
If you want to go for glory and defeat beyond this, then you will need Wood Talismans.Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum; G8 |+ ~/ ?9 [0 z% f
Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum7 c7 p9 i9 l3 m9 K" r
Tailed Beast Stats
' c) y- [0 F' Q7 V9 L1 Z
There are three difficulties for fighting the beasts.Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games: y, x  J" P4 ]7 N7 u/ S% v, x8 t7 V
1) Easy - Beasts are lvl 20Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games6 Y8 d' ~# l( x

2) Hard - Beasts are lvl 40

3)Rampage - Beasts are lvl 60Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games; A/ |1 K+ k3 c* [' I  r

The SS below are for the hardest difficulty, Rampage, since it is the most challenging. Also the beasts get stronger as their life decreases. First pt. is at 1/2 hp then at 1/4 hp.POCKIENINJA; k7 a& u5 v/ _6 v

ninja.forum.game321.com1 g1 _8 _1 f# B
1Tail1.jpg 1Tail2.jpg1Tail3.jpg Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum" G2 N' Q( S8 i# y$ \3 E5 ~$ c: j& F
Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum. T) X0 V8 ]8 Q- I+ t
2 TAILS:Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games7 L/ V3 f1 g/ c, g# a
2Tail1.jpg2Tail2.jpg2Tail3.jpg ninja.forum.game321.com6 D3 S+ o" F6 ~$ k9 Y& j$ Y: j

3Tail1.jpg3Tail2.jpg3Tail3.jpg POCKIENINJA% w6 @; r3 t1 g+ g- ~

4 TAILS:ninja.forum.game321.com" X4 @: G$ C- ~5 ?
Sorry for the bad SS of the 4 tails, I'll fix it later.Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum8 d/ ~$ J7 {, Q6 h" y& v1 x* Q, q

5 TAILS:ninja.forum.game321.com% d; o$ J5 }, I

6Tail1.jpg 6Tail2.jpg6Tail3.jpg 
4 B+ P* Y& }) Q' }) _% B. E+ x

Appearance Times:Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum) d( r& F. {/ F+ ?  q# S
1 f! \# C  b8 u4 `  ^
1 Tail - 18:00 CST

2 Tails - 18:12 CST
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games$ W2 }( ~) D( g$ S; `8 A
3 Tails - 18:24 CSTninja.forum.game321.com0 n6 U9 g  |: ^  `, I9 m/ d

4 & 5Tails - 18:40 CST

6 & 7 Tails - 18:54 CST (need to verify this, It can be 18:55)
ninja.forum.game321.com7 u" j0 _& c' a! B$ c) j" O
8 & 9 Tails - 19:10 CST  Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum5 y, e( N/ [0 u! O
[Credit to Hangyakusha for this info]POCKIENINJA" O- c* q7 t* H1 y$ T' a

The event has been modified so as to allow none-merged servers a chance of defeating 5 of the beasts.POCKIENINJA; g( P7 V  i% e& w" m+ E
ninja.forum.game321.com$ b, J5 |3 H  D5 [; s/ Z, n6 f
Most of the servers should be able to defeat the first three beasts, given their current appearance times.. f3 \; f$ ~) H* c
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games! F, W' c, Q: D  F+ \
The 4 & 5 tails appear at the same time so now we must choose which one to attack. EVERYONE SHOULD ATTACK THE SAME BEAST. The only reason why anyone should attack the other beast is if the current beast is in its final form and proving to difficult to handle. 1 }/ A( b+ Y4 p8 d' Y9 K! G) k

Also once one of the two beasts is down, use all of the Wood Talismans you've won on the remaining beast, especially if the vill needs repairing. Safety precautions are always good.Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games  G8 l9 g0 p: q+ N9 s( h1 Y
Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum" ]+ r# Z9 G; W, `- }' j
Should the 6 tails appear while still clashing with either the 4 or 5 tails that is left, DO NOT ATTACK IT!Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games4 U0 e1 b3 Z; i1 d, R4 z

From my experience in my server we usually focus on the 4 tails first, then move onto the 5 tails. Its much easier to follow since we just go in order. This is what my server has managed to accomplish this week. Final form six tails is huge....
Untitleda6.jpg 9 e6 R2 L/ G! x: m' ?" H) Q


ninja.forum.game321.com( }9 W% p* z; W3 M3 F) p6 ?" L$ E
For those who seem to have trouble against the tailed beasts, I suggest that you use Mud Wall and of course Rebirth. Bombs help too since the beasts can't toss them back.

Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum3 E+ Z2 r7 x8 B- u, q8 A
Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum: c$ f6 r' O/ V( {4 B$ v, |- ]8 W
Even with my crappy stats and these skills, I still manage to only die to the 8 tails (Unless I'm unlucky).Below are the skills I use against the Tailed Beasts, my stats and current ranking.
* \: C6 R& t% b/ e8 j7 F3 t3 V: B" g
Beast Skills.jpgUntitled1.jpgUntitled.jpg 


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  1. wahh, ini game fb itu kan? kayaknya keren nih buat dimainnin,, tapi gak terlalu mudeng hehe,, saya coba" dulu deh ^_^


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