Pockie Ninja Bloodline Limit [ Guide & Strategy Pockie Ninja ]

How to get Pockie Ninja Bloodline limit?
This post will help you about all Bloodline Limit feature , Read and enjoy my guide about bloodline limit :)

So with new update -  Bloodline Limit , came new stuff , and i decided to gather all stuff i caught up there, and my friends, and made little guide, which will be edited with time.. POCKIENINJA4 H/ p0 p/ z2 ~/ h. ^/ ]

So, as i know till now there are few topics that we'll discuss about:POCKIENINJA# k; i* a7 U1 W  V7 z$ b

- What is BLL?, f0 d: V; x& ]- e( m
- How can i get BLL, and apply to my character?
- New NPC's8 a  _, k. i( ?8 s
- New Secret Techniques?- Where and how to obtain items for BLL NPC's ?* X9 {+ e2 e8 c0 N: Q5 o; P- b- Synthesizing, Refining, Discovering, Binding, Removing, and Soul/Pray functions.- / V5 a  s0 ?/ G8 t# ?8 C
- New items in ITEM MALL ninja.forum.game321.com: q* X8 A0 E. u6 G- ]# _7 G
     >  Places for new questions and topics
-POCKIENINJA' i. ^# ~1 i, w3 h# |$ `
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games! N# K# j- ]& D% l( X" K
ninja.forum.game321.com' T5 }; J. @+ E+ q# i1 \! s
All those questions i'll try to answer with community help, and explain it that everybody can understand.

- What is BLL?6 D: _) Q7 B. n' x

Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games$ F3 x( ?8 K1 R" U! T
1 ~& _1 d' a- a
BLL means BloodLine Limit (right xD), and it's introduced in newest update "Bloodline Limit". It's new feature, that enables using secret power that is hidden inside of our characters.. There are introduced some new characters, like Juugo and Sage Jiraiya, but only as bloodline abilities.  T; i) a) M3 L1 {( j( E' h

- How can i get BLL, and apply to my character?Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games4 s: A  Y1 s+ w% P6 S; ~
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games" I; v1 K5 M# C2 V% m& J
+ t! f$ D/ |5 W% J
There are few quests that will introduce You, about BLL, and give u chance to obitain TenTen's or Choji's BLL." Y% ]7 `, D& T; E
Those quests can be obtained in main HALL in ANGEL CITY .
Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum4 S/ s7 D# C) S: \( b
Quest Names:
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games! @: L9 N5 i; e4 z; ~
*          > need quest names here plz

BLL Interface , can be opened via Backpack > BLL button . ninja.forum.game321.com3 O" l( M+ \9 w+ L8 H

After clicking BLL button BLL Interface window will appear:
POCKIENINJA# A$ f( c8 o2 t9 L4 c; H# H1 e
1. BLL Slots, with list of avalable BloodLines
2. Activated Bloodlines
3. Info about selected BL
4. Discovered Bloodsouls
5. Bloodsoul Discovery Tab
6. Activated BloodSouls
7. Soul/Pray Tabs Switch
8. Bloodsouls "Edit" bar

-BLL Slots - Is list of all Bloodlines that are discovered, and/or achieved by collecting certain items for certain characters ( like, for Sasuke, you need 280 Scrolls of Seal ).
-Activated Bloodlines - Are 3 Bloodlines that You use, and are activated. They can be removed, and replaced.
-Selected BL Info - All abilities and cons, what activated, and selected bloodline gives (Agi,Str,Sta,Spd,GB,Crit,etc..)
-Discovered Bloodsouls - Are all Bloodsouls that character discovered, discovering will be explained later. Maximum number of discovered BS is (NEED COMMUNITY HELP HERE).
-Bloodsoul Discovery Tab - Each player have 10 FREE tries every day, and 25 tries that cost either 10 Gold, or 10 Gift Coupons, or one Discover Talisman. After each discover, there is cooldown of 10mins, but You can discover without waiting, by paying 10g/gc or DT.
Discovery result is random, and lvl of BS is random too, and can be from I to III level.
-Activated Bloodsouls - Are up to 5 slots to place BS you use. BS's can be removed, or cleared. After removing, BS will go back in "Discovered BS's" slots, but for that you need 1 Soulsplit Blade .After clearing BS, BS will dissapear, for no cost.
-Soul/Pray tabs - There are two main use of discovered BS's . Why i say main? Because, BS's can be synthed and refined too, about that, later.
So, first is Soul, which after placing BS in Soul slot, character gain abilities from that BS.
Second one is Pray, pray will enhance certain ability, Strength, Agility and Stamina. Every BS have it's own pray ability ( Str , Agi and Sta), and every level (I II III IV V ... ) give certain amount of EXP. After Praying (which needs amount of time) , EXP bar fills, and after it fill completely, chosen ability level will rise. Each level , have it's effect on BLL. (it's written in BLL's info).

*Notice About 'Prayer'
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games! L5 q% y7 I) m: F+ S8 C) d& R
So, as i explained how to lvlup Prayer, there is one more thing to add. Prayer have 20 , lets say 'points', and those points can be sorted in 3 groups : Stamina, Strength, and Agility, max lvl of one group , is 20. , but other two, in that case can only be 0. ninja.forum.game321.com# m0 w4 }/ {/ U1 Z$ u
ExamplePockie Ninja,Free Web Games1 Q& `- B) }0 }4 q! y
' s* O; R. @" M& H& w. j  z
Agility, Stamina, Strength

; n5 F% C: q$ O

Agi:    3
Sta:   4Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum- Z; X; H1 i+ Z) g  Z7 @
Str:    13Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum8 c" @: P$ m1 j& S0 ~% @, ]4 Y6 }; O# [
ninja.forum.game321.com* ?' F* }2 m8 k/ c6 v/ K
Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum8 ^9 L+ X  u( p% P  Q% w/ Y4 ?, L
Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum+ q5 T+ s, Q% P0 \& g
Agi:    20
Sta:   0
Str:    0: b5 H6 D0 z$ [. K; C5 M) O, G" h
ninja.forum.game321.com2 I* d* f; p( C8 M- U. W5 v$ c- p
-"Edit" bar - In this bar, there are three buttons :
- Discover
- Refine
- Synthesize
Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum3 _: n/ T9 q- l7 A* G
Each day 10 FREE discoveries can me made, and 25 for 10G/GC and/or DT (as said earlier) . After discovering there is 10min delay till next one, or you can pay to discover immediately.
POCKIENINJA6 L. U6 F9 T, B: ?$ I/ s  B

And with paying:
Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum9 C0 \5 u4 I; F
(i'm in val, i'll post pic later)
By refining, BS will get new random ability. Refining process is known , so there is no need to explain
POCKIENINJA& I- A- c8 B1 `7 ]

Synthesize is almost same as Cards. Synthesizing can be done in two ways :
Random and Same-Type
- Random synth, needs 3 BS's catalyst of same level, and result is random one level higher BS.
- Same-Type synth, needs 3 SAME BS's catalyst of same level, and result will be same BS one lvl higher.
# Y( n- h0 W8 n2 d- c7 o- B5 A- c; W
example of random synth.

- New NPC's?  

New NPC and new navigation bar button, are two new things that i'll write about in this topic. 

Under new NPC, i mean , those new 'Houses' on some maps. 
Here is list (working on list) and pictures of all:
>>picture place.<<

Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games% H/ @! h* g8 X) T' U$ G5 h! }
In every of those houses, there are 5 characters that have their own quests, and as reward of collecting certain items, you get Bloodline. 6 D5 W2 n8 B  u
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games6 O& x! X2 u1 T. Z  M
Ninja Button. Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum# F6 w( F5 l9 q: D
ninja.forum.game321.com4 p3 J. m& W( ]6 b. g1 v, w  }( F
This new button is placed on bottom bar. After clicking on it, new window will appear, "Ninja's Trial".Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games& J+ s$ q+ d- t3 z9 o2 O2 V4 u; J

ninja.forum.game321.com" f; Q+ `4 e6 E* Q- N# U

In Ninja's Trial interface, you can see whole list of avalable ninja BLL's. 
There are 4 tabs:Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum$ [# S+ k! c, x4 l( I. q0 o( w5 d
          - Introducing n POCKIENINJA4 T1 e( j0 x' Q' v8 B
          - Inheritable m 
          - Not Introduced 42-(n+m) # N. b. E0 M# r' P% Q! o8 w" j9 W
          - All Ninjas 42

(* n - certain number)

If You place pointer in area of some of those ninjas, description will poop up, and there will be shown, whats name of BLL, what items You need to collect to gain it, and some text about that char. Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum" a* n  X7 `- D1 @3 g
POCKIENINJA  }" ^: D( I" W! `( S$ I
POCKIENINJA, ?: A& }0 s& {# v# r( o! n

2 Z9 `  Y/ e- u' v: O) J
If you put pointer on "Bloodline" , info about BLL of that character will appear:- u: n: R! ~' `6 Y
Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum, Z: Z6 X* ~- `4 p
POCKIENINJA/ M4 c7 S. i" |5 o
Than, if You click button GO, You will be teleported to NPC that represent that character, and there You can give items that , that character need.Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum6 s) Y# m4 G7 W  J. O. I6 N5 M' N
Second option , that gives same result, is by going on certain place on map, and clicking that 'new' npc , called Ninja House. 
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games9 h  z# I7 \. v9 }+ y$ v1 {4 [' E' }
POCKIENINJA" Q6 n" y0 ^  F1 R# H
After clicking on button GO, or Ninja House npc, it'll open new window, with 5 characters or that area:2 B) m! r2 B0 C5 H: x4 D
5chars area.png

Choosing one, click on his/she's avatar, it'll open quest window:
' J- H! u8 o8 c" q# P* R
"[ CHAR NAME ] Collection Quest "

Click on it, and this will appear: 
Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum6 r7 U1 p7 i. o" {$ k; w; _7 h
# S0 f7 I$ V, L2 n
7 Y, n2 u; r2 W; F$ O- [& J, x% y; P* G
Here is shown , quest item , how much collected, and how much is left, and Amity. Amity is something like experience, that after filling, You get BLL.Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum5 ~. h) O8 o/ W: u
* e$ c, O* V* F" k$ X. r2 x
When u collect items that is required, Amity will increase for certain amount :POCKIENINJA" g- N2 {/ N6 j/ d; W
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games8 Z" D9 D1 l9 [  A
POCKIENINJA' L2 J# K* }' I5 P8 S  I) o( Q
Keep collecting required items and repeating process, until u finish quest, and get BLL from chosen char.

- Where and how to obtain items for BLL NPC's ?POCKIENINJA( s0 I# n# |5 W5 X: m
Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum# N' a9 i& T! O* [8 c
I came with idea to mark all spots on map that drop items for quests for BLL, and color of those items , so here it is , i couldn't get any drops from GRAY spots, cause i'm 20 lvl higher.. so i'd need community help for that .. & k6 T1 i3 l0 ^4 z7 H2 c7 f

ninja.forum.game321.com# a8 ^% U$ r4 t
So here is list of items that are required for quests:POCKIENINJA5 m) j4 e) k- e6 D  Z: l0 f& Z

Green :Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum4 a6 g: G! D# ~, Y7 o7 ~) h
- Family Badge
- ANBU MaskPockie Ninja,Free Web Games8 l3 m& w0 d9 i. c7 A
- Secret Letter3 B& i) i0 [& w2 `+ ]7 s
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games% i$ D) V2 w, D, `4 J2 v8 ~3 \
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games" |8 X6 a7 v& P5 G
Blue :
- Medic Bag) L6 Y; n+ U1 l9 U
- Puppet ItemPockie Ninja,Free Web Games5 m& {9 t% d0 a, G$ m
- Shogi* f+ X% Y; g0 f1 r
- Kunai
POCKIENINJA- T( g  L" S0 l# G. X0 E0 w. R

Purple :0 Z: ]  R; q8 o/ `( x7 @3 k7 }
- Landscape Painting/ ]# [; e, `7 l, ]
- Organization Fund
- Scroll of Seals8 _% L5 K7 A) b
- Supply Pill

Orange :# l/ b! d! j1 x9 k% a2 v; U
- Weapon Channeling Scroll
- Exploding Tag
- Mysterious Weapon Bag

DarkRed :
- Contract of Channeling Jutsu
- Juinjutsu Scroll
- Jinchūriki Secret Letter
, h/ N& `2 t* k  V/ A5 q
Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum) D, G7 f3 _2 B0 K' \
Items can be obtained in two (as we know till now) ways , by: POCKIENINJA! S! L! i" n# }2 T; ~& j
- Challenging BOSS Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games, @2 l+ f, p$ Q' w  z) v
- Slot Machines
Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum/ A( P% J9 Q; F3 e

POCKIENINJA' Y* _' Q+ M1 i5 Z" \) e

ninja.forum.game321.com' v. ^/ }( K( I! K" X) W


ninja.forum.game321.com& a1 [7 t0 [) s9 f1 c1 Q9 L

- New Secret Techniques?ninja.forum.game321.com( b0 L2 T( F( E4 f

After unlocking BLL of certain character , lets take Konan for example , there is chance to activate new Secret Technique - its called BLOODLINE LIMIT JUTSU . Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum2 D, }5 n: P$ l+ K. D1 q

There are two conditions to activate BLJ:7 u0 A# V% R  x8 ]
          - First condition is that all 5 slots for BS's must be filled. 
          - Second condition is that all of those 5 BS's must be 5th (V) lvl.

         (- And , yes, Your character must be on list under this, which is increasing every update)POCKIENINJA" ~4 a1 S& m0 F% c4 O4 y
POCKIENINJA5 N6 |6 z5 Y" `9 F- t

Till now only 4 characters have their own new BLL ST , and they are: 
ninja.forum.game321.com. }! F$ H5 j/ b- F, y
- Sage Naruto% I/ p. K; j$ j( K/ b0 w9 l) \* I
- Mashiro Kunaninja.forum.game321.com+ L# V: o1 T8 R3 I8 F1 E
- Hebi Sasuke
- Konan
- Itachi UchihaPOCKIENINJA! S. ~3 b  g; ?/ P, S" D. r% k

But, don't worry if Your character isn't on list, list is updating , and all characters will have their own soon.

To see what's Your character's BLJ ( Bloodline Limit Jutsu ) , just have to look at it's BLL Info :
ninja.forum.game321.com2 K* D! v$ c$ d; B- V  w

% f+ n* e; A7 G8 B
  f, ~- H- {! K/ O6 e: k9 w3 E
- New items in ITEM MALLPockie Ninja,Community,Forum5 ?7 E! G0 Z* z& H, s3 b
: c, Q! K+ b% X
So, i got many questions about, ''where and how to get talismans for discovery and refine" , and " Where to get Clear Stone, and SoulSplit Blade" .. So here is answer:
ITEM MALL) N, m+ ~6 p- B  _* O' `. Q" Z
For prize of 8 GOLD for Clear Stone, and Jar which when opened have chance to obtain Talisman, or 80 GOLD for SoulSplit Blade, you can get those items. 
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games0 ~. _5 O8 k% g7 L
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games8 W4 o7 ~: `+ F8 V- x. z5 c

POCKIENINJA8 A$ [9 A: x3 \! B+ t
Soulsplit Blade is used when You want to remove certain BS from slot, but You want to keep it, not delete it. In  that case You just click on choosen BS, scroll down, choose remove , and just click yes, after question " Remove Bloodsoul needs 1 Soulsplit Blade. Are You sure to continue? " . And , yes, after that, BS will be removed from Soul bar. 

Clear Stone is used to clean Bloodline Limit Pray Attribute. 
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games( V& Y2 \. b5 c! O0 K4 T" H! I

It's now almost done.. There is always some questions, so i ask You to ask anything i'll try to answer best i can

Credit to : Munja S22

Thank's for Visit
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  1. Thx for credits, and sharing my tut , nice blog :)

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  7. Seriously u make understand alot about bloodline limits.. but i hav one more question.. does these bloodline limit can trigger new secret techniques for specific character?? for example, i'm using 4th hokage outfit. can i change the style of 4th hokage secret technique by these bloodline limits??

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  9. This was the most helpful information i have gotten for Pockie Ninja.

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