[Pockie Ninja Strategy] Heart of Tailed Beast Gem

Now I'll share about Heart of Tailed Beast Gem

I Hope this post help you to decide what gem do u need from NinjaOpoly

Heart of Shukaku = 77 StrengethPOCKIENINJA: D7 v5 P5 G# y" F7 y                   

Heart of Shukaku.JPG



Heart of Nakomata = 77 AgilityPOCKIENINJA, [7 w8 [2 x1 W4 X
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games, R. e, T; a/ M+ I# bHeart of Nakomata.JPG 

Heart of Isonade = 77 Stamina

Heart of Isonade.JPG POCKIENINJA; S1 m' p& A. e$ d

Heart of Sokou = 6,6 % Max Speed
POCKIENINJA* R3 B% h- U1 }" ^Heart of Sokou.JPG 

Heart of Houkou = 6,6 % Max AttackPockie Ninja,Free Web Games0 |: N7 c9 u2 g+ r
Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum# D1 t) ^( \9 L" e3 a) B" XHeart of Houkou.JPG ninja.forum.game321.com0 B  P4 k  E" K0 X. H

Heart of Raijuu = 6,6 % Max HP

Heart of Raijuu.JPG / v5 Y, T# h: _" Q2 }

Credit to : FazzX S19

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  1. thanks for the info.....this helps alot as I am on lvl 80+ & i am preparing for my next armor exchange so now i know what i will pick to complement my build.


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