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[ Strategy Pockie Ninja ] In-depth Analysis "Which character should I Pick?"

In-depth Analysis of 【Strategy Pockie Ninja 】Best In-Depth Character Comparison Guide

"Which character should I Pick?" $ V) i) A# [7 V" A- r5 r

Introduction: 9 U; `, M9 n- Y/ Y2 |- O5 q2 Q
"What is the purpose of this guide?"5 ^- G5 y3 h5 s, a + y1 D  o% b2 A9 ?  P* Z
; x# z, G3 n, fI wanted to see the gain from +outfits, base values, and bmv hidden values correlate to one single % at +27. Why? Because this will tell me when the outfits are maxed, how they compare to each other in atk, speed, and stamina. This was important when I wanted to see who had the highest stamina% which was nemu. But does this mean that nemu is the best tanker? No, it does not.
9 N) K" D* M( f  M# H, a% H+ P
"How did you calculate it?"
First, I saw that +27 outfits were merely multiplied by 27 to their gain and added to the base value then divided by the bmv hidden value on the game321servers. So basically, for bomb ichigo for atk, you would do 10.4 (gain) times 27 (o…

【Strategy Pockie Ninja 】Best In-Depth Character Comparison Guide

It's very troublesome to try and figure outeverythingabouteach available outfit, so I've decided to make a compilation of any and every thing that you need to know. I hope this willhelpany one, noob or pro, at deciding whats best for them. Please Enjoy.

Words/Abbreviations to know:
1 H' v/ l+ D) P7 t

Initial Stat Values(ISV): The values that you see on mouse over of any outfit, consist of Strength, Agility, and Stamina.& L; B1 ^. t" H! M

Hidden Base Multiplier Value(BMV): The multiplier rate/growth of how the outfit deals with Strength, Agility, and Stamina. Can be found inCharacterInfopop-up, by hovering over thewords: Strength, Agility, Stamina. Each one affects the Growth of your Secondary Stats.(Excludes: Guard Break, Pierce, Hit, Defence, Crit Strike, and Constit)
& |1 {9 S0 {  Q/ {( t" l
; s3 Y  D+ h' c4 d8 ]6 v5 \7 k1 d4 C# K
NOTE: BMV is a Gear Dependant Stat. Lower BMV's give higher returns. Example~ Gear stat is 100 Strength.. Ggio Vega's S…

10 New Naruto shippuden and akatsuki character Suigetsu, Sasuke, Konan, Hidan, Kakuzu, Naruto, Kisame, Karin, Deidara, Pain on Pockie Ninja

Yes, the title pretty much says it all. At least 10 new characters from Naruto Shipuuden series will enter the world of Pockie Ninja. Who are these new toons aka costume aka heroes aka avatars that you can use? Find out below.

Video version:

Here are the characters or costumes that will soon be included, and yes they are in order of appearance, based on the picture.

Suigetsu Hozuki Uchiha Sasuke Taka Mode Konan Hidan Kakuzu Uzumaki Naruto Sage Mode Kisame Hoshigaki Karin Deidara Pain
We don’t know yet what neither their jutsu specialties nor their tier colors are. But of course you can easily say that Naruto Sage Mode, Sasuka Taka Mode and at least Pain will be Orange outfit. Heck, all of them deserve to be an orange item if you’ll compare their powers or abilities based on the Anime to existing costumes in the game.
These 10 characters plus more new pets will soon be available.
The bad news… as you can see there are absolutely no Bleach characters here.
What are you thoughts on…

[ Pockie Ninja] How to unbound bound item

I’ve been seeing this question over and over again in the world chat. Currently there is no LEGAL or LEGITIMATE way to make bound items unbound. So be careful in synthesizing whatever equipment, costume or pet you have because if one of the items you put in synthesizing interface is a bound item, it will make the resulting item a bound one.
You can remember these formulas:
Bound Item + Bound Item + Bound Item = Bound Item
Bound Item + Unbound Item + Bound Item = Bound Item
Bound Item + Unbound Item + Unbound Item = Bound Item
Unbound Item + Bound Item + Bound Item = Bound Item
Unbound Item + Unbound Item + Bound Item = Bound ItemThis is the only equation that will LEGALLY yield an unbound item:
Unbound Item + Unbound Item + Unbound Item = Unbound ItemOther Ninjas found these jutsus:how to unbound items in pockie ninja,pockie ninja unbound items,pockie ninja how to unbound,pockie ninja how to unbound items,Pockie Ninja Pain Outfit,pockie ninja how to get unbound items,pockie ninja …

Synthesis stone value trick upgrade outift [ Strategy Pockie Ninja ]

I already put the cost for the stone to sucess and the risk of finding the rightplaceto syn it is in your hand
2 Y( A2 S' w4 Y
Example :

if you have +17 and you want to upgrade to +18...- K0 p! k- c* e$ ~, N
in order to upgrade to +18 you need 180 stones fee to do it....
* G9 \  f& F7 f' c4 ?
; ^5 l* |  z2 ]. X$ L
0 J. l3 |5 ]& l+ f
. V, D& W+ F9 D9 Z0 x
6 C6 y. v1 J$ f' b2 `3 p& g$ d


|+1   =/ E3 n5 e5 Y) ]: z) k
|+27 W( ^) \1 l2 n1 I' p
=4 A9 d( d3 v& A* b# B
|+38 ?2 P( d6 b6 M! b
=40 stones     50-50 chance
=60 stones     50-50 chance
|+5  v# x. a5 u7 q9 ]8 q# Z% s
=70 stones     50-50 chance1 J# Z4 M5 T" L# [
|+6& f* _) N7 k3 A+ P. o* N
=170 stones   50-50 chance
|+72 z1 |! ?! `8 G9 b
=1701 h6 z9 k9 a, B! d2 Y/ K; N
stones    7 players do this w/out fail
=170 stones   [ Updated ]$ w% T# N2 \' D% o, P) z
=170 stones    5 players do this w/out fail  | 1 player fail
|+10$ V# P6 L& X. Q& ~; …

【 Strategy Pockie Ninja 】Come Come Paradise quest

Posting my synthesis results for Come Come Paradise pages.Single numbers are pages. (1, 2)
Numbers with a V are volumes. (V1, V2) Pages can be bought at the item shop it is random, just like a disassembly scroll, when they appear. Buy page 1, 1 + 1s + 1s = random page 1-4.If you have a stockpile of Anonymous Cards you can use those to change page 1 into other pages. (thanks everyone)
1 + 1 + 1 = random .AVOID THIS bcause waste your cards
1 + 2 + 3 = V1                    100%.
1 + 2 + 4 = V2                    100%
1 + 3 + 4 = V3                    100%
2 + 1 + 3 = V4                    100%
2 + 1 + 4 = V5                    100%
2 + 3 + 4 = V6                    100%
3 + 1 + 2 = V7                    100%
3 + 1 + 4 = V8                   100%
3 + 2 + 4 = V9                   100%
4 + 1 + 3 = V10                 100%
4 + 1 + 2 = V11                 100%
4 + 2 + 3 = V12                 100%

After you turn in volumes 1-4 you get another quest for volumes 5-8. A third quest of 9-12 wi…

[ Pockie Ninja Guide ] Level required for +outfit / pet

Hello everyone..
Some player don't know lvl required for an outfit or pet.their +ing its and can't use it because it lvl required higher than their lvl.So it very onnoyed and can make their character become weak. To avoid this accident now I'll share formula to know lvl required for a + outfit & pet

This is the formula :

( + your outfit / pet ) x3-3 = its level required

Outfit + 18 = 18 x 3 - 3 = 51 so lvl required for +18 outfit is lvl 51
Pet +21 = 21 x 3 - 3 = 60 so lvl required for +21 pet is lvl 60

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Agar blog lebih terlihat menarik kita dapat mengubah cursor biasa blog menjadi cursor yang lebih menarik .Kursornya bisa kamu design sendiri atau boleh langsung ambil dari sini saja yang penting extensinya harus bisa digunakan untuk dipasang di blog. Kalau aku tidak salah extensi kursor yang bisa dipasang di blog itu ada *.gif, *.ani, *.cur *.png, *.jpg
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Kode yang dicetak tebal bisa kamu ganti dengan gambar kursor sesuai keinginanmu. Image yang kunai.cur itu adalah kursor yang akan aktif sebagai kursor default sedangkan yang…