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Didnt see anyone making one so lets get started.

The Curry in Life Quest can be taken from the Ninja Master in Angel city after u have Reached level 40.
take quest.png

Part 1= complete Las Noches till Floor 50 2 times (easy and simple)

N.B u can not use skip level with gold or stone thats above floor 50 to complete it, Recommend start from floor 1.

Las Noches.png

Part 2= complete Endless Forest Run 3 times in Hard mode (can complete this in one day) not difficult


Part 3= Complete Crimson Grassland Run 4 times in Hard mode (can complete this in 2 days time)

N.B After u complete this part with 2 more Vahalla tries left, DO NOT USE THEM YET!!!!! TURN IN THE QUEST FIRST.


Part 4= Complete Deadwood Run 5 times on Hard mode ( can complete in 2 days)

N.B  If u didnt waste ur 2 remaining tries after completing Part 2, then u can finish this in 1 day


Part 5:-  Complete Las Noches upto or more than Floor 90. 3 times (now this one is a bit more difficult, i recommend using speed skill combo for this [demon seal, clay bomb, gale palm, C.blade, GS, Great Mud river)

N.B  u can not use skip level with gold or stone thats above floor 90 to complete it, Recommend start from floor 1.

Part 6:- Gather 60 Iron Ore!!!! ( yes!!!! a whole 60 iron ore!!! Its a Pain in the @$$ so i recommend start saving those ores up from earlier on if u are planning to complete the curry in life chain quests)

N.B Disembling scrolls may be bought from item market, they are kind of hard to get so save them up for this quest!!!


Part 7:- Collect 20 Annomynous Card folder ( Easier than 60 ores i guess, unless u threw ur cards away... KEEP UR ANNOMYNOUS CARDS COZ THEY COME IN HANDY IN THIS QUEST).

N.B to get Annomynous card folder just synthesis [3 annomynous cards together] so basically it means u need 60 cards to complete this quest.


Part 8- Collect 10 Rare Iron Ore.!!!!! (OMG! almost impossible ummm... just use ur Luck thats all i can say)
N.B Precious Iron Ore can be obtained by synthesis [1s]+[mysterious disembling scroll]+[hand grenade]

Rare ore.png

PART 9- OK this part is easy, Complete 100 bounty quest of any difficulty... this will take u 5 days to complete.. (20 per day) Bounty.png

PART 10- coming soon !!!!
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  1. GREAT GUIDE!!! I was wondering how many levels there would be. I have done them up to the 60 Iron Ore.

  2. lol this guide really help me......thx alot....dude


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