【Strategy】 Pokie Ninja Beginners Guide Part1


First of all, this is based on my experiences in the chinese version (www.haohaowan.com) and i'm not very good at english, so if you don't like it.. please ignore it (no offense)

At the very beginning of the game, I believe that most player will  choose their favorite characters. In fact, you can do that but I just want to say that each character have their basic/own element/jutsu. For example: Choji Akimichi is good at Taijutsu (body techniques/hand to hand combat) and Renji Abarai is lightning element (ninjutsu).

Fire Country- Fire Village:

   Born in this small village are particularly good at curing the damage done by ninja various moves and weapons.

   Characteristics: a reduction of the damage from opponent and a slightly increase in curing skills/jutsu.

   Representative: Kurosaki Ichigo

Wind Country - Wind Village:

   Born in this small village will have strong attack and solid defense.

   Characteristics: Boost its own defense and attack power.

   Representative: Namikaze Minato & Namikaze Naruto

Water Country - Water Village:

   Born in this small village will have good hit rate to the target because fishing is part of their living

   Characteristics: additional hit rate accuracy.

   Representative: Haku, Momochi Zabuza & Kuchiki Rukia

Ray(Thunder) Country - Ray(Thunder) Village:

   Ninjas born in this small village have amazing skill, they can eliminate their opponents in a blink of eye.

   Characteristics: additional speed bonus.

   Representative: Hatake Kakashi, Uchiha Sasuke & Yachiru Kusajishi

Earth Country - Earth Village:

  Ninjas who born in this small village, they been known as the godlike power of Gaara such as Quicksand Waterfall and Desert Imperial Funeral skills.

  Characteristics: increase their critical rate (as you know critical is important in every mmo because they do 2 times normal dmg but in pokie ninja its at least 2.5 basic critical!!) at this point i'm not sure if they changed it in english version  

   Representative: Gaara & Hirako Shinji

p/s: I don't mean that you get all these bonus/boost in the early game. It's in the later game depends on your skills combination and characters(suit) to show the effects!

Summary: The difference between countries is the player that comes with a passive nature different skills, for your future path in the game you will want to choose a character (suit) that have a great combination with your country for better percentage to active your jutsu! Of course your luck is also needed at this point too.   
So before you started a character you must first understand the abilities/status of the character(suit) and Jutsu (ultimate/normal). Once you started, you can't change which country you been born again... So, good luck everyone! Hope this helps!!

Don't copy this guide please, if you want to show it to others, you can direct them from link  
Thank You for reading this thread



Hey guys. This is my second update for this guide. Let's talk about suit today. First of all this is what we need to know:
1. There are 2 types of suit : Female & Male
2. There are 3 colors to tell the value of suit: Gray(normal), Blue(good), Orange(great)
3. Every single suit have their own weapon, there are 3 types of weapon: Blunt Weapons, Sharp Weapon, Fight Gloves
4. Every suit have their base status: Agility, Strength, Endurance
5. There are total 57 suits: Gray 18, Blue 18, Orange 21

Someone requested picture of all characters(suit) list. This is what i found on some chinese website:
[p/s: sorry guys, I'm quite busy these days, so i have no time to translate the picture, this is what i can tell you to match & read the picture]
女 = Female ;  男 = Male
Blunt Weapon = 钝器
Sharp Weapon = 锐器
Fight Gloves = 拳套
and i'm sure you guys can tell their name by looking at their picture, so i'm not going to do the name atm    

This is the first two pieces of picture that been translated, credit to lycorne
Gray Suit:

Blue Suit:

Orange Suit:

Thanks to lycorne, He's now working on the translation of suit... Please be patient untill he sort it out 


[Updated on 28th Feb 2011]      PETS

Due to the update, there's a lots of information can be found on Pokie Ninja Official Site Pet Section, so i'll just talk about pet skills & pet evolution at this update. Okay, let's start.. First of all we need to know in Pokie Ninja, a pet without skills is like a dog that doesn't know how to bark/bite! Totally helpless in battle! So you should start raising them once you get them.. 

According to my experience in chinese version, most people would like to go for the one and only dragon pet in the game "Frostbore Dragonling". They think that the attack skill have higher damage and of course it looks cooler than other pets. But for player who can't afford that, there's actually some other pets with useful special abilities (skill that can only can be acquired by pets listed below):
p/s: I don't know the name of their skill in english version, so i'll just list the effect of the skill

Vulture Fledgling: After the master attacks has 21% probability to attack and causes the enemy to bleed (decrease hp slowly)

Sweet Potato Demon Fledgling: After the master attacks has 16% to attack and cause the enemy dizziness for one round.

Treant Fledgling: After the master attacks has 16% to attack and chain-root the enemy for one round.

Sushi Monster Fledgling: When the master is taking damage,  has 11% to restore 10% of master max chakra (max.mp)

Bloodbat Fledgling: After the master attacks has 19% to attack and absorb 50% of the damage dealt to master.

Corn Demon Fledgling: After the master attacks has 17% to attack the enemy twice.

Sunflower Fledgling: Decrease 8 point of enemy's accuracy.

Stinger Bee Fledgling: After the master attacks has 21% to attack and poison the enemy.

Maneater Blossom Fledgling: Decrease 12% of enemy's attack.

Riceball Monster Fledgling: When the master is taking damage, has 11% to recover 10% of master max hp.

Frostbore Dragonling: Dragon Power (+70 max hp) and Dragon Scale (+100 defense) p/s: It's "defense", not "block"!!

Pets without special abilities (but they are pets with 40 value):
Akamaru Young, Souling, Toadling, Lily Young.

And skills listed below is skills that can be acquired by all pets (I'm not sure did they changed the skills name) :
Attack: 21% to attack the same time with master and cause 50% damage of the master dealt.
Block: 10% to block an attack for the master.
Fierceness: Increase 10% attack of master and itself.
Claw: Increase 10% piercing of master and itself.
Keen: Increase 5% speed of master and itself.
Vision: Increase 10 points accuracy of master and itself.
Wild: Increase 4 points critical.
Piercing: Increase 68 points of piercing of master and itself.
Intelligent: Increase master 50 chakra.

I haven't test skills below on all pets so I'm not sure can all pets acquired them:
Fire Element Upgrade: Fire Jutsu +10% damage
Water Element Upgrade: Water Jutsu +10% damage
Earth Element Upgrade: Earth Jutsu +10% damage
Thunder Element Upgrade:  Thunder Jutsu +10% damage
Wind Element Upgrade: Wind Jutsu +10% damage

Pets FAQs:
1. Where can i get a pet?
Ans: You can get it while exploration, beginner task (SunFlower Fledging) or purchase it in the market from other players

2. What's the meaning of different colors?
Ans: Different colors means difference "grow rate" (status you gain after refining)

3. How to equip a pet?
Ans: Same as any other equipments.

4. What's the use of pet?
Ans: Can assist in battle after gained skills

5. How to raise pet?
Ans: Leave it in the pet shop, feed the pet or set workers to speed up.

6. How can my pet learn skills?
Ans: You can learn skills(random) in the pet shop after they been raised.

7. Can i reset my pet skills?
Ans: Not at the moment, but the new skills will take over your old skills if your pet skill list is full.

8. How many skills can each pet learn?
Ans: Maximum 7 skills before +3.

9. Can pet be synthesis?
Ans: Yes

Ahhhh... WAIT!! Do you know that your pet can be evolved to a new look? Here is the picture i spend a whole night looking for it:
+0 ~ +8 = normal , +9 ~ +17 = 2nd evolution, 18 = final evolution
(Sorry for the Kon part, as you can see I'm bad on picture editing)


Huh... So tired after all these typing.. btw, hope you guys find this new update useful  
Before the CB start, just to let everyone knows, get some rest when you're playing; if you're really additive to it, don't forget you can auto-train in the city, you rest while waiting... Good Luck and Have Fun!!  

Account: Blue8
Server name: Eventide Barrens
In-game name: 3zycupid

source: pockie ninja forum

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