【Strategy Pockie Ninja 】Best In-Depth Character Comparison Guide

It's very troublesome to try and figure out everything about each available outfit, so I've decided to make a compilation of any and every thing that you need to know. I hope this will help any one, noob or pro, at deciding whats best for them. Please Enjoy.

Words/Abbreviations to know:
1 H' v/ l+ D) P7 t

Initial Stat Values(ISV): The values that you see on mouse over of any outfit, consist of Strength, Agility, and Stamina.& L; B1 ^. t" H! M

Hidden Base Multiplier Value(BMV): The multiplier rate/growth of how the outfit deals with Strength, Agility, and Stamina. Can be found in Character Info pop-up, by hovering over the words: Strength, Agility, Stamina. Each one affects the Growth of your Secondary Stats.(Excludes: Guard Break, Pierce, Hit, Defence, Crit Strike, and Constit) 
& |1 {9 S0 {  Q/ {( t" l
; s3 Y  D+ h' c4 d8 ]6 v5 \7 k1 d4 C# K
NOTE: BMV is a Gear Dependant Stat. Lower BMV's give higher returns. Example~ Gear stat is 100 Strength.. Ggio Vega's Strength BMV is 17 and Hatake Kakashi's is 14...  Vega's return's will be 5.88% Attack and 5.88 Block.. Kakashi's return's are 7.14% attack and 7.14 Block.

Growth Rate Percentage(GR%): Every outfit has a growth of 40% from the original ISV. Example: ISV of 12/24/21 at (+0) would yield 4.8/9.6/8.4 with every outfit (+) gain. So, 12/24/21(+0) = 17/34/29(+1) = 22/43/38(+2)  and so on.9 a( x$ A" l0 e6 c" ^& d) @

; P: v* i9 C& D! K) I; [
Passive Bonus Types and Percentage: Can be Fire, Earth, Lightning, Wind, Water, Vitality(body skills), Ninja Tools, Heal, Illusion, or Seals. Orange = 15% Passive;  Blue = 10% Passive;  Grey = 5% Passive
4 S5 Y3 W8 T) q( D4 m& b' ~
% [' ^: ~& o* G
Potential Terminology: 
Speed - Referring to the speedster build
Defense- Uses Stamina to advantage
Punisher- Uses Attack and Defense to use recoil-like damage$ i8 y% u- g/ a5 Y$ I7 F
Attacker- Generally just High Attack
Hybrid - Fast and Strong or Fast and Defensive
Any - Any build could be used/ All stats are balanced
4 `0 |! a* M' _

List of Characters

BIG THANKS TO CHRISUF!!! Your collection of BMV's was amazing!

Credit: Vastolord S1


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