Cheat Ninja saga 22,23,24 Agusutus 2011 / 22082011 | 4 TP mission/day , Daily Task , Kill all boss , daily lucky draw

[ Cheat Ninja saga 22,23,24 Agusutus 2011 / 22082011 | 4 TP mission/day , Daily Task , Kill all boss , daily lucky draw ]


1. Complete Daily Task
2. Daily Lucky Draw
3. Kill All Boss
4. 4 TP Missions [Fixed!]
5. Emblem Glitch - for premium missions
6. Share Gift

Step :

  1. Download & Install Fiddler
  2. Open Fiddler
  3. Click AutoResponder Tab
  4. Check "Enable automatic responses" also "Permit passthrough for unmatched request"
  5. Drag .SWF File to AutoResponder column
  6. Open Ninja Saga
  7. Clear your browser Cache
  8. Play your character

How to clear chace :
  • For Mozilla Firefox : Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Pilih Network Tab -> Clear Now -> Klik OK
  • For Google Chrome : Click Pliers Icon (on the up right corner) -> Options -> Under the Hood -> Clear Browsing Data -> Empty the cache -> Clear Browsing Data
How to use this Cheat :
Enter Academy then complete your daily task

Avoid defeating bosses in hunting house in order to complete the sequence of world bosses hack.
Allow an interval of 15 seconds or more on each TP missions to avoid error.

TP missions>Appzxor Raiskin

[ Cheat Ninja saga 23,  24 Agusutus 2011 / 22082011 | 4 TP mission/day , Daily Task , Kill all boss , daily lucky draw ]

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