【Strategy Pockie Ninja 】How To Get Pet Froztbore Dragonling in Pockie Ninja?

Froztbore Dragonling is one of the more "special pets" which have unique skills for only themselves
(like icy breathe, dragon great strength and dragonscale)

However, it is very rare and spending gold/gift coupons on pet eggs everytime you fail is very expensive as well.

BUT, it can also be easily obtained through synthesizing pets.. 

Step 1:
If u have a pet (either through quest or pet eggs) whose sync value is 30, (if u have a pet whose sync value is 40 and its not frozenbore dragonling, skip to step 2)
Synthesize it by,

Pet (sync value: 30) + 2 stats equipment + 2 stats equipment = Pet (sync value 40) (30% chance)
Pet (sync value: 30) + 3 stats equipment + 3 stats equipment = Pet (sync value 40) (80% chance)
Pet (sync value: 30)+ Lucky Gem + Watermelon = Frozebore Dragon (high success rate)

(if u are rich, just do pet(30)+3s+3s=pet(40) cause 30% is VERY little and u may spend just as much)
(u may get frozenbore dragonling from this too ^^ but chances of it happening it very low)

Step 2:
If u have a pet with sync value 40,
Synthesize it by,

Pet (sync value 40) + 1 stat equipment + 1 stat equipment = Random pet (sync value 40) (100%)
(Frozebore Dragonling is sync value 40)

Just keep doing until u get frozebore dragonling ^^ i already gt it 3 times in a row and its quite cheap 
(2 1 stat equipment cost about 100+ and you just have to pay a small fee to synthesize)

Cost: 300 to 10000

(For 2-3 stats equipments, it would be cheaper (but more time consuming) to kill bosses (demon suppress proof) and they have a chance to drop these. other options are slot machines , reward quest or valhalla camp!)

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  1. hai aku udah ngeluarin 10000 lebih kok ga dapet Frozebore Dragonling si?

  2. hai... kalo upgrade pet (nambahin +0 ke +1), skillnya yang udah kediscover bakal ilang gak ya??


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