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Hello all, Today i would love to write a Guide about "My Village", the new feature of Pockie Ninja Game. Player can access this feature from every town, and select "My Village" in the Navigation menu.Let me explain the menu interface for the starter.
note: See the picture and number.

1. Weather Changing.
Player can changing the weather by Press and Hold this icon for 5 seconds. What is it for ? This weather changing can raise some flower and weeds on your village, then player can put their apprentices to the village and make them cleaning it up to obtain some crops or other rewards.

2. Total Crops.
Yes it's your total crops, what is this crops use for ? Player need Crops to hatching the egg to obtain Medal, Exp, or Stones.

3. Reward Egg.
This is the reward eggs that available to player to hatch. They are random and refresh every 1 hour.

4. Grid View.
Click this panel if player want to Move the building inside their village.

5. Quit Village.
I think everybody clear about this one, yes it is use for Exit from village and back to your town.

6. Building List.
Click on this to build something on your village, there are many building types also some decorations and "Scene+" to expand your village.

7. Pet kennel.
Same as in town, but in this Pet kennel player can move their pet to the village. To do that firstly player need to input the pet in Pet kennel at town.

8. Guidence Room.
Same function as Guidence room in town, to help friends or capture new apprentices.

9. Warehouse.
This is the warehouse, where system put player's harvest after hatch an egg. So player must visit this building first to obtain it. The reward from cleaning up the weeds and flowers move to this building first.

10. Hatch Room.
This is the building that player need to hatch an egg, each egg need 1 hour to hatch. And remember every action to hatch an egg need some crops. And the harvest egg (after 1 hour being hatch) goes to Warehouse building.

11. The apprentices.
This is player's apprentices.

So much fun and usefull right ? to be honest the first time i look at it i feel weird, too childish and nothing usefull i think, but after i know the function i am like this "My village" more more much :). Also don't forget, player can clean up friend's village too.

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