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THE PUNISHER/ h7 m- S( [, K
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games- G& U% O! K0 e; u5 t* x' I
The Punisher is a slow but Tanky build able to do huge burst damage. 
It is designed originally to counter speedsters, but it actually does better vs tanks. 
The best way a punisher SHOULD be played is to adapt to the competition in your server.Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum7 \/ x& W5 P2 F* K, H
Punishers are very different from speedsters they need a wider variety of stats to get a high win percentage.2 L2 I4 {( I6 \, U- y. I) I4 f
Because the punisher uses such a huge variety of stats, to maximise your win rate, adapt stats such hitrate/constitution/pierce[rarely] to your competition, so you can maximise your other stats.

My general recommendation is to get Defence gold on every equip, followed up ur 2nd main stat whether its str or crit or Ab. and a 3rd/4th stat such as min/max/stam/hit.

E.G. in my young server 20 loaded with Speedsters high tier ones averaging 4.2 speed 1.6k ab. 400-500 crit. 1k dmg. but only 350 dodge. I chose to play a defence based ab Punisher. POCKIENINJA- [+ O, R# E: G' z

In this guide i will talk about the main types of punishers and their sub-types. Also what outfits are best suited for which build. When maintenance is over, i will look for examples of each punisher across servers please be patient. Any ratings i give versus Speedster/Tanks are against high tiered heavy gold users. Vs dodgers... adapt to dodge, the higher the hit better so i will not bother with ratings. Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games8 s# B. |9 `5 b' Y5 z

To Free / Lesser Gold Users
The punisher is an expensive build to play relying heavily on high inscripted/enhanced gears to achieve maximised defence/hp values, to allow for offensive stats/gems. Also since it has uses such a wide variety of stats, there are also high refining costs. But if you enjoy the punisher by all means it can still be played, the following NON-S rank outfits have potential to be great punishers.

Male Outfits: Kisame > Kakazu > choji/sasori > naruto/white ichigo/aizenPockie Ninja,Free Web Games) e  ?9 \  p8 K5 u. q" }( c
Female Outfits : Kotetsu > Sakura/Tsunade ?' a% n$ v; p! w( t
The punisher's main stats sought after are Defence/strength/min/max attack/crit/stamPockie Ninja,Community,Forum- O, w1 J& I. M( n; b  P5 {
All decent punishers should have a very high amount of defence and attack, by level 80 using full 70-80 equips, you should expect to have at least 900-1.1k attack, 1.7k defence. to be bare minimum decent. Use this as a checkpoint.7 }: C* `7 d! m4 o- b, D& F3 ?8 M+ Z& o$ S& L
There are 2 Main types of Punishers. Defence based, Attack based+ w' X+ Q9 ~5 ?% o

Defence based Punishers [DEFENCE ENHANCE WEP] :! O. V/ ~# c- K* o
Defence based Armor Break/Attack Punisher : Defence gold - Ab/Str/min/max attack/crit/stam/adapt  N' n. Q: I4 W4 ^  C$ d& o
POCKIENINJA9 C. z. }  y" R* `+ J" N2 e
Expected high tier lvl 90 stats : 1.3k - 1.6k attack , 2.4k - 2.75k defence, 1.1 - 1.3k Ab, 150-350 crit, 7k - 9k hpPOCKIENINJA, c' h% O$ W  v( C

Gems : Gems for this build should consist of a minimum of 8/16 stam gems, you may adjust this amount but if you are using pain/mizukage/sage it is recommended you even increase the amount of stam gems to 10. This build relies on a tankier/defensive style because there is already enough output vs speedsters etc. Overkill in damage is pointless if your opponent only have 4k-4.5k hp [hp value of high tier speedsters]

Best Suited Outfits : Pain - 10 stam bmv and Illusion release higher substition proc. Good natural outfit stat growth in all areas. 
, G& ^; h6 b' H
/ s5 Y" O0 h) @) D) K0 Q' P2 p; r
This defensive punisher Specialises vs speedsters, because of its Ab on all stats easily able to around 1.1k to 1.2k AB ... this is usually 200-300 AB more than the defence of high tier speedsters. This build does decent vs tanks and CURRENTLY does better than the the following high crit/atk based build vs tanks because it can reduce almost half of the defence high tier pure def tanks can get. Compared to the following build, this build is reliable and will get you a consistent win rate over the competition you are competing with. Months later with the release of 24 gem slots and bloodline, enabling us to reach upwards of 3-4k defence. this build will be weaker. But for a while, it will still remain strong. * _1 B2 Q. y# x& p9 V* N

It is my current build. i would like to get 100 more crit. when i do reach level 86. i expect 1250-1450 attack 7.5k hp. i will update this when do hit 86.3 l: T  f4 [& B1 t2 @" V* i( F- T6 c

Versus Speedsters 5/5
Versus Tanks 4/51 o( p  T( H; r/ m# r/ _! g8 j
' C% h9 Z& }) f& z% V, G0 A
Defence based Attack / Crit Punisher : Defence gold - Strength/Crit/min/max attack/stam/adapt hit2 O8 _) R# F- O9 }, L  g  @

Expected high tier lvl 90 stats : 1.7k-2.2k attack , 2.2k - 2.4k defence, 0 Ab, 400-600 crit, 5k - 7k hp5 r" n. N+ K: ^; V+ L

Gems : Gems for this build should consist of at least 12/16 Strength gems or even all Strength gems, HP can easily reach 6k+ if gears are all enhanced past +10. This build relies on high attack and Crit to do massive burst damage. k0 d$ J# t2 F+ ?% N
  \" H! l* o) r1 D; W; o
Best Suited Outfits : 2nd Hokage / Mashiro  - 8str Bmv and Massive strength growth maxing at 2.05 value. water enhance also makes for a crazy crystal blade [not an ideal skill though] J/ D# d* ?, d) C! W/ p$ A z; [) N" X; |, V6 `  _3 q. l! L
Due to the high defence values, and how damage is scaled. raw damage is reduced less by defence, compared to how much AB can reduce defence. Also the fact that critical rating not only increases critical rate but also increase the critical damage multiplier, therefore when bloodline limits this will be optimum build, but until then this build is on par with the others. Gold defence on all gears with crit/str as a 2nd stat, and min/max attack as 3rd/4th stats and enough hit for your competition. it on every piece of gear will yield you the best results. This build can potentially destroys tanks if they have no constitution but i'd expect decent high tier tanks to have around 300 upwards so therefore this build can Suffer Greatly. Reaching upwards of 450-600 crit is enough for you to 1 hit speedsters even if you have 0 AB. but this build does rely somewhat on your own luck, and will not get you consistent win rates. Still a powerful build to be much more stronger with the release of 24 gem slots and bloodline limits months down the track.Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum1 L2 S1 H& Z$ q

1112052306912118ad1fe6844f.png 0 s) h  l' o( U1 x1 Y

Versus Speedsters 4/5POCKIENINJA1 O0 G" \, l/ e- b/ z# q) R5 h
Versus tanks 3.5/5 (this is if they have upwards of 300-400 constitution to match your 400-600 crit, otherwise 5/5).

Attack Based Punishers [AB ENHANCE WEAPON] :( c& _7 H  x( j0 d
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games: R4 J9 j, J  R+ S' ~3 r9 s# q
Attack Based Ab / Def Punisher : Defence gold - Ab/Strength/min/max attack/crit/stam/adapt hit& Q5 w- V4 `) }0 _- z w* M5 D8 l7 r8 |+ E" J: b; u
Expected high tier lvl 90 stats : 1.4k-1.9k attack , 1.8k - 2.1k defence, 1.2k-1.5k Ab, 200-400 crit, 5k - 7k hp
  @* v% p4 g, [3 s
Gems : Gems for this build should be based on strength, recommended to use at least 12/16 strength gems, to maximise the attack stat, and take advantage of the AB to increase damage.POCKIENINJA- a; o* ?$ e7 R( _3 f2 q

Best Suited Outfits : 2nd Hokage - 8str Bmv and Massive strength growth maxing at 2.05 value. Sage Naruto / Mashiro - wind release. and 10 str bmv. % y+ ~- M8 r7 c4 [" d8 A5 ^+ X8 \* `( A3 L- o& p& p" O+ N
The attack based punisher is the most aggressive of the punisher builds, it is essentially an attacker build, but with an extremely high defence stat and hp values. This build is able to 1 shot almost all your high tier speedsters having 400-600 more than high tier speedsters defence. Against high tier speedsters this build would rely heavily on rebirth/prayer, but at the same time you can expect your opponent to consistently get 1hitko, by your crazy whirlwinds/rebounds [sage naruto wind release + wind release rings !!]. So why make this build instead of an attacker? because against all the speedsters who arnt ultimate pain, against all your semi-gold hybrid builds/high tier tanks... this build will earn you a high win percentage.

Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games2 Z. o* B9 _3 d# Q* n' C1 k( p
Hikick designed this build months before the release of the 2nd hokage, therefore his damage could be increased greatly with the used of a 2nd hokage outfit. Also hikick is only utilising 71 dragon soul equips, rather than 86 weapon, and his rings are only lvl 61 release sets. Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games% k( ~  B3 b" |/ w1 [* Q1 g  ]- _% n# o; j6 M1 S$ s9 U
Versus speedsters 3.5/5POCKIENINJA# x, `3 M( f+ Z1 s; p/ w
Versus Tanks 5/5
1 Z- T0 W2 _8 g- _% C# o) SPets : 9 o: V' ], q3 r1 f. p4 v$ d) V n; \2 {/ ]0 T
Azure dragon - or any dragon is recommended because of their 10% counter attack auras which stack with dragonsoul or kage gloves. giving an extra 15%... to counter attack rate, and because the 10% and 5% are seperate there are cases where i have literally double counter attacked and even whirlwinded in 1 turn! Dragons also offer the awesome 100 defence dragon armor passive and the Dragon Corrosion Ab passive. The Azure dragon further offers you an extra 10% attack passive, and the 'double attack' pet ability which is preferred over the 'ice breath' from other dragons. This is because of the slow speed but massive attack stats of punisher, the more the pet attacks the better, rather than relying on an ice breath. Therefore Azure having 27% to attack and a further 17% to double attack is better than having only 27% chance to attack and 33% to ice breath ON that attack.

Rice ball / Mujina - Riceballs and Mujina's are also viable pets, healing you whilst you take damage. and riceballs offer debuff reduction aura, and a guaranteed 25% heal at 20% hp. the Aiming device passive is awesome as well. Personally i have tested this with a +21 rice ball and my +9 mujina. i found i had a lower win percentage with these healing type pets than my +27 azure dragon. Some people like the Idea of using Rasengan when using a healer pet, so they have a chance to heal and do massive damage.Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games1 i8 ~2 v( B- u) ~3 r! O7 ~. S1 A

I personally believe until tailed beast pets are +18 at least. a +27 Azure dragon or Frostbore, with perfect passives will still serve better.
Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum, s+ i1 D) H3 h. z5 y) z' ~
Skills and Skill Builds : J+ R" y  x8 \" z/ m  [
Build Vs Speedsters : Prayer - Whirlwind - Puppet and/or Flying thunder god - static field - 8palm - great strengthPOCKIENINJA+ p5 l% |" g. Z: }) q

Build Vs Tanks : Static Field - Whirlwind - 8palm - Great Strength - Assassinate - Detonating ClayPockie Ninja,Community,Forum- ^; O- A/ K& I0 v5 L9 }8 P
4 S. G- O/ B& T5 Y5 z
Fire Skill builds still use the essential stat builds stated above, Fire builds should use Liquor/Balsam/Fireball and a selection of the following.Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum6 C3 x0 w7 w# V

Skills in Bold i highly recommend the others can be replaced by any of the following : 

Prayer - One of the man defensive skills vs speedsters, will allow you to absorb potentially infinite amounts of damage, whilst giving you good opportunities to counter attack/whirlwind damage

Static Field - Works especially well with Def based punishers with high HP, the field not only stops damage but it also stops negative effects such as chidori slow until the shield wears off. used by a high def/high stam punisher, it can block 2 or even up to 3 high tier hebi NON CRYSTAL BLADED chidoris./ x2 ?6 R: \+ a  G9 D7 K0 q

Whirlwind - Your main rebound ability. 140% of your damage... potentially much higher with sage naruto + wind release rings. Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games$ u* n8 h+ n  w) }  |6 N) M2 W

DDCS - combo'd with puppet/FTG when they revive they will almost instantly just die themselves" I7 Q$ n( I& C1 ^' b- H6 q% C

Puppet - Good initial burst damage, and poison is awesome for those times when speedster is on low but you are being stunlocked, they will tick themselves to death. works wonders with FTG

Flying Thunder God - Same idea as puppet, but only used VS speedsters because they are so fast, it will damage them much more than it will damage you. Combo'd with DDCS.

5 seal jutsu - awesome to stop chidori/thunderfall/crystal blade spams CANNOT be used WITH DDCS

8 palm tigram - essentially able to cut number of rebirths by half. drains speedsters chakra fast.
POCKIENINJA5 ?: Y9 L# z) F2 K/ z; Z
Substitution - Good defensive ability, i use it as pain, saved me from crucial situations

Assassinate - massive attack resulting in massive heals, which could reduce the damage from clay bomb.Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games  `, |( z* C/ v' m: Y8 V
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games% j" X% `6 o8 I( c- L- R& z
Summary : Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games' w! z5 V3 F! y

The main point of a punisher is to adapt to your competition, punishers unlike speedsters require more stat distribution, so analysing your opponent will maximise your win rate. Use the builds and Expected lvl 90 stats as templates to stats you should aim for.

If your main concern is against Ultimate Pain style insane 1.7-1.8k ab speedsters with 4.6+ speed, use the Defence based Ab build to maximise your win rate/ g) n& |- [1 ]) b
/ P. D7 [( M' V8 V8 P5 X
If your main concern is Kyrial style 1.7-1.8k dodgers pick a defensive based punisher build and maximise your hit by lowering your crit/ab or attack.POCKIENINJA" `# t+ J/ m% s3 Y

If your main concern is Surfremix style 12k hp 2.8-3 speed tanks or Knee style 15k hp 500-600 block based pure tanks. then pick an attack based punisher, raising your crit well above their constitution, and maximising your attack/ab e( U7 M: |$ m+ [2 B
In the end the best punisher will adjust the defensive power and offensive power, and stats like hit rate/crit/constitution to gain high win percentages. ADJUST YOUR STATS.9 S$ d7 f/ I9 u) k& B- f* PPOCKIENINJA; x/ _4 ]( g# X. B  C$ L! h4 }
My Current Stats : [Will change whenever major changes/differences : track if you're interested! ] x5 k# b' k+ u2 N5 ?Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum0 O3 I4 f( }6 N7 E

Credit(created by): Zetzumei

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