[Pockie Ninja Strategy] LUCK and STATISTICS

Slots:Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum$ @" w! R; V2 O* M8 i
(i think there are like 15  characters so. these stats are all rounded ofc)ninja.forum.game321.com2 j/ l. r% x: q9 h( x! W/ I- L
Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum6 r, a7 {3 F$ [- ~& S4 O' ^
Chance for 2 in a row (not counting 3 in a row as 2 in a row): 18.7% chanceninja.forum.game321.com+ E/ G+ B* m. U- I
2 in a row slots.JPG 
chance for 3 in a row: 0.44% chancePOCKIENINJA1 F! M. m! d  r) \
3 in a row slots.JPG 6 v3 K, R; n. [4 _* O# J" P8 t

Chance for Naruto + Sakura + Sasuke (not necessarily in tht order): 0.18% chance
lucky slot draw 1st time.JPG 
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games6 N9 C; f! x& r. D4 r/ Y7 @
so out of 66 tries (u can do a maximum of 66 slot per day until u run out of movement power) You get:0 Q  v, g( ~* i& U& W
aproximately 12 elegant giftboxes (two slots in a row)5 i$ J* ~( b7 i  u% F! ^2 Q9 W& y
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games4 U& Y8 P8 z- {' V% L2 z% d
out of 198 tries u get (600 movement) u get:
aproximately 36 elegant giftboxes (two char in a row)POCKIENINJA0 D, [3 m- p% O2 k2 L2 N6 W
aproximately 0.87 (round up to one...) advance outfit giftbox (3 char in a row)
aproximately 0.3564 elegant giftboxes (Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura)ninja.forum.game321.com& @* h+ T- D) {0 F. i0 p0 ?7 M
POCKIENINJA" S; E" z' ^, p, {

regardless even if u dont get an outfit u can still get loads of $$$$$$ from the bloodline quest itemsPockie Ninja,Community,Forum; o0 l1 O* Z: S. K
! ]1 b, t( o3 O$ Z, m- z$ r9 I' v% H

Pet:ninja.forum.game321.com9 b  I, V+ E& F( g! l
* E' K: g; b, M$ d9 J3 Q7 H0 q- s
pet egg (16 pets total from egg): 68.75% for 30s and 31.25% for 40s3 N* A% N  G  h4 x; B+ |
                                                out of 10 pet eggs about 7 will be 30s and 3 will be 40sninja.forum.game321.com8 k% ^2 y) f7 G# n

more info: ; E' [% z2 q0 o0 l0 x) n+ F# g3 {" B
Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum, G: N6 X: T- I: [& @
to get a certain skill -> (i.e. attack)
at Mall it costs 188 coupons.

If ur aid slots are loaded then:POCKIENINJA( ^! d$ y! v2 |$ M3 P6 l! S

Right away: Skill book (188 gc) + pet lock (28 gc) = 216 gc (100 more gc if ur learning a special skill)

Manually: it takes food (assuming u already have) + 8 pet skill locks (28 gc) for = 224 gc for 8 tries to get attack manually with no instant digest , another aid slot open, or enough food for more than 2 discovers for 1 feed

so if ur not a risk taker: buy the scroll right awayPockie Ninja,Free Web Games" `  O: h" V" R6 F
if ur are...: take ur chances
ninja.forum.game321.com/ X0 ~! ^2 R3 m! H& P2 a; q: y
Outfit (and pet) transfer:
I like to use the transfer shop b/c it offer 100% chance to change ur orange outfit and is very convienent imo. Manual synth can become expensive. Lets assume it takes about 900 stones for each roll& j" L: `9 i- S- p& O2 q) A

Gray outfit (18 grey outfitz): 5.6% or about 16,200 stonesPockie Ninja,Free Web Games+ s; w+ `: k4 o# a( ~+ Y
Blue outfit (18 blue outfitz): 5.6% or about 16,200 stonesPOCKIENINJA& l) `5 ^' B1 b% R6 h
Orange outfit (23 orange outfitz): 4.3% or about 20,700 stones Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games2 n6 u0 S8 T2 H6 m7 ]# T: ~
Shipuden (10 ship outfitz so far): 10% chance or about 9000 stonesPOCKIENINJA# p! {$ s7 Z% |$ T

Pet (30s -> 11 petz): 9.1% or 9900 stonesPockie Ninja,Community,Forum! [# r1 T, C9 H) ]* c2 t
Pet (40s -> 5 petz): 20% or 4500 stonesPockie Ninja,Free Web Games0 P9 ?$ ]  M5 x3 w/ {' p2 g
Tailed Beast (7 reg tb): 12.3% or about 6300 stones
POCKIENINJA/ y9 X' f1 X$ z6 L
egg transfer.JPG ; V4 M- T0 p/ P9 _3 o

Blood lines:Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum# M% w0 }6 L/ S" K7 N
4 |1 i; I/ ?% G% `
I think there are like 13 diff bloodsoulz so far...

Out of 44 discoveries (this is my experience only...subject to change and is inaccurate) I got:
Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum$ X) a1 b5 r) l) @% s0 H( N
1 lvl 3 blood soul
6 lvl 2 blood soul, {0 @2 |  o3 Z  }+ `! Z
37 lvl 1 blood soul
6 P% T' U0 x. z! C2 n
for some more math =):Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum. F# W6 w! q; S# l; r
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games1 Y1 X: |3 z1 G2 k2 k; {$ i+ `0 i3 f0 Y
to get lvl 2 blood soul: 3 lvl 1 blood soulz 7 m0 c, i6 h' ~' m
to get lvl 3 blood soul: 9 lvl 1 blood soulzninja.forum.game321.com* |2 K6 w. D5 |8 Q3 w
to get lvl 4 blood soul: 27 lvl 1 blood soulz. k  G* [* [: w
to get lvl 5 blood soul: 81 lvl 1 blood soulz$ _, ?) W8 j9 ]) [3 ]
to get lvl 6 blood soul: 243 lvl 1blood soulz0 q' D) F' Q2 k1 N  l& ?0 ?
to get lvl 7 blood soul: 729 lvl 1 blood soulz... if ur a free user (like me  xD) then this would mean 73 dayz of discoveries and lots of GCPOCKIENINJA' L! V7 n- n4 W  m

for those who dont know: POCKIENINJA6 h. j4 j  l" l  V
the blood line quest items u recieve depends on the lvl of slots ur doin' S( k3 m* z! H) ~
POCKIENINJA3 ^* ^+ A/ a. ?; j$ N- W9 r
Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum7 Y9 F# L( h& Z: E8 F, }: H
When picking cards (i.e. exploration):

This is prbly the more obvious section.... POCKIENINJA7 K$ G# S5 E% u2 b
When picking cards u might find it helpfull to pick the same card consistantly (i.e. I always pick the 2nd card...)
that way when u dont get somethin good therez not as much rage and its much like guessing only "A" on a multiple choice test

Ninjaopoly (where luck is everything):" o% v. g' J# m: q0 E
- ~  c4 P2 f$ D6 f& V
1. it haz 88 squares; C& Y- ]$ l$ Z$ G. O  a
2. 10 urahara- W% {+ A! _* x( t6 G/ A' a5 k; H
3. 10 jade squaresPOCKIENINJA. X- S0 ]  j' y6 Q
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games3 B. \  M) p  e5 f3 J  Z
lets assume tht the tornado does as much good as it does harm and the angel wings neutralizes the gaaras4 n/ {% C7 V6 l
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games# b/ w- F. N; u( m  d( S9 h: I
therefore there are 20 special squares5 j. `1 {+ [5 k4 m2 F

so with 1000 ryo (20 USD)ninja.forum.game321.com' n: Z7 ^5 s' E& n8 A
) c/ l4 N# @3 y
tht means about:Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games. c+ Q! j+ Q7 L" ?5 t/ X# g
5 complete rounds/gamesPockie Ninja,Community,Forum1 y& {7 p9 N( e* h) z% ]
11 jades from special jade squaresPockie Ninja,Community,Forum0 I, u! l1 c. {
11 lucky draw chancePOCKIENINJA' p! g& v7 B! z
/ X' k/ \8 v7 c) [
assuming tht u have completed the game 2 times already then:POCKIENINJA0 E8 H9 ^" {5 ^
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games9 x/ P3 X. V* i( v' N
20 jades from tht sexy-form narutoPOCKIENINJA# A) D/ F1 m! f- Q
5 lucky draw chance from sexy-form naruto
* q! p# x7 a; o- ?4 b# q+ @
in total for $20 (1000 ryo or 100 rolls) on JUST ninjaopoly then u get about: POCKIENINJA) i9 y1 O3 k' ]  M. O; @
31 jades6 ?+ l* u# R6 B& E8 p9 F
16 lucky draw chance ninja.forum.game321.com. u* U4 A( q+ h$ l; G. q
      -> remember... u can get +27 darkwings, gold equip boxes and WAY more from lucky draw....POCKIENINJA2 k8 u; X7 N. d0 t! z4 Q

Synthesis:ninja.forum.game321.com& Y; p9 z1 `! |) c/ Y8 c$ {+ g1 c2 ^- [
Based on Personal Experiences (this sect is for newbies):9 v! W% Y" ^$ G# e- P' Y$ j

hand grenade + 2s +2s = Demon Proof__________________________60%ninja.forum.game321.com1 P0 l$ ]5 t; }9 {0 m! H: Nhand grenade + gem of justice + gem of justice = demon proof_______100%+ m' E$ B8 J: qPockie Ninja,Community,Forum4 N, T1 @) T- `1 M/ J; r
blue outfit + 3s +3s = orange outfit_____________________________80%
grey outfit +2s +2s = blue outfit _______________________________90%Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum% n7 L& M2 Y9 G* Cninja.forum.game321.com+ @6 O* d3 t0 a9 C$ y; |* P. N! J
1s +1s +1s = 2s________________ 30%! J, ~- {1 B% ?+ A. o
2s +2s +2s = 3s________________ 30%POCKIENINJA' g/ n3 _; ^) w1 b0 h8 R( s  h. c! |3s +3s +3s = 4s________________ 30%POCKIENINJA: W: h" B; v  K* v) U- E2 Z  f
3s + lucky gem +lucky gem= 4s____ 50%3s +4s +3s = 4s________________ 50%3s +4s +4s = 4s________________ 90%

maybe check those #s? idk if thy're 100% accurate% g; R, `0 g0 l% i  k

Credit: Shruikun470 S20

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