AB Speedsters Extinction in Bloodline patch ? No [Pockie Ninja]

Extinction ? Not possible. First of all, I have no right to represent the AB Speedster race, since my stats are low I know, I'm working on it. I'm hoping some great AB Speedsters from other servers would share how they are doing against other races in this new patch ; z1 K; Q+ B& M/ E' n
Here is my progress against enemies in s9, 11, 12 :2 Q+ u$ k  K$ D2 b9 |
POCKIENINJA  D" D3 C1 u8 F7 d* F
1/ Dodge Tank
DTank.png Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum" `" u8 x& o# z

Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum: i& ?3 H7 Z) n3 A7 C
Fight : AB Speedster vs Dodge TankPockie Ninja,Community,Forum. r+ I/ }0 P! F$ D& \5 q* |

2/ Cons TankPockie Ninja,Free Web Games$ U' |  P' p; a/ L9 V
; g( @# M! {7 ~# z

Fight : AB Speedster vs Cons Tank

The two most formidable opponents for AB Speedster are the Dodgers and Punishers, as thing can go wrong very quickly for us. POCKIENINJA; z  R2 ]( o) k% X  @2 K
& ?+ V0 d# z5 k1 D5 k( x
3/ Dodger

Fight : AB Speedster vs Dodger
POCKIENINJA; O+ v/ [+ o1 t1 e
Dodger is not as troublesome as Punishers, since dodge stat is luck dependent, and when their Dodge does not work, this happen :
Dodger2.png POCKIENINJA. m- F8 p1 v2 V
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games1 D0 k1 q' b1 \* V. f3 D8 f3 j
4/ Punisher ( number 1 enemy ). `# |8 p0 T+ @/ E* B
Punisher.png * Q6 o- B- r- }% k9 @  w+ Q1 z

Fight : AB Speedster vs PunisherPockie Ninja,Community,Forum- Q3 e; |1 i. \1 o

Strongest enemy I have fought so far. Strong enough to kill any speedster in one hit, high Def renders my AB useless, and WindStorm Array is a pain when 5 element seals effect runs out, as you can see below :' r6 j0 D* j, e* z+ B
Punisher2.png Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum6 L9 b' X3 l+ g: F
5 V' P. a+ X5 L  j! a7 i
ninja.forum.game321.com& H% v5 X% x0 Y' ~7 r' n7 f4 k
Fight : Windstorm ArrayPOCKIENINJA, [+ A9 l. m0 K) l) I& g5 [; E) w
! O2 r! D, C0 i( s$ b/ {$ f
Anyway, AB Speedster won't disappear from PN. As long as I can achieve a 50% win rate against other builds with AB Speedster, it will stay in my build selection list :)

Credit(created by) : FuriousZ S9

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  1. I am doing AB Speedster build on my Shunsui. I hope extinction is not true. All I want is fast kill. I am also hoping for some life absorb equipment to counter the tanks.


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