Tutorial Pockie Ninja Building Functions (Chapter 9 Updated) Completed

Pockie Ninja Building Functions (Chapter 9 Updated) Completed 

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4-29-2012 14:17
ninja.forum.game321.com5 c# F1 F, z% n& O+ q# y

1. Hall
: [& m( h- O( {* t
Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum$ m# K6 F4 N2 m; B1 p
a. Lounge (available in outdoor team stone too) POCKIENINJA3 k4 A& Z4 S& L" n
- You can restore your HP and Chakra to the max using stones. ( H9 n3 X9 b0 s/ |( O; \# l
- You can also restore your movement points (up to 30 per day) using minimal of 1 gold or gift coupon every Movement Point. 

b. Hall
- This hall functions as a training ground. Max time limit is 8 hours. However, when you train in hall, you are bound to the city and unable to go outside of the city. But, you still access the building in the city.6 N; J8 p# a( k4 c$ \  d
- There is 2 types of room in hall. Firstly, the Common room which is normal and have vast capacity for players to train. You can increase +5% EXP gain in hall if your room is full. Another room is the Special Room. The reason it is special is that it not only +5% EXP when full, it also can get additional +5 to 15% EXP gain or +5 to 15% drop rate of low level inscription talisman or hall hours talisman (protect your special room spot from being stolen by others). The special room have extra benefits but your spot can be stolen if not protect using hall hours talisman. To protect your spot, just go to your backpack and 'use' your talisman and a time icon will appear on your left. * }4 j  F! n* N0 R
- Normally, people enter hall when they are busy or going to sleep soon. So, hall will utilise even your sleeping time.
* l7 W# r, g3 T0 t5 m- H
c. Warehouse
- A place to keep your items. First backpack cost 340g to be opened. The more warehouse you opened, the higher the gold cost. But, warehouse storing capacity is huge. Alternative to opening warehouse is opening your backpack. Opening backpack lower cost with lower capacity but easier to transfer items compared to warehouse.
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games' ]4 j+ h" |' K: C7 v: {
2. QuestsPockie Ninja,Community,Forum2 D8 }0 h) U  e: j. \

untitled.JPG Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum$ S7 L- H* r1 [/ R' F7 X
Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum3 n+ ~% B) E/ R. |( B
- Claim bounty quests - Max 10 quests per day. End of week the accumulated points from quest completions will turn into medals automatically. There is function of auto-completion in 30 mins for the quests except Proof of Bravery, Ore and Namecard quests. Liveliness requires 5 bounty quests to be done. Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games8 L; U9 M0 q% `; R9 m8 o. ?
- Easiest quest to complete will be Visiting Residents. Collect Foreign Matter and Demon Elimination can be auto-completed to save effort to kill and waste movement points. Namecard quests need to be done by buying namecards in Trade market because you can only hunt your own village namecard. Proof of Bravery requires Demon boss drops, which you can get by killing it. Ore quests requires the disassembly scroll which can be bought from Item Shop, Shop (Common ore) and Black Shop (Rare ore). However, the scroll don't appear very frequently, thus it takes time to collect them especially black shop which requires 28 gold or gift coupon (GC) to refresh. Shop can just refresh using stones until the scroll appear.
- The quest can be instantly refreshed using 8 gold or GC.7 H1 L8 g9 w5 I! V

3. ArenaPockie Ninja,Free Web Games; ^% I. [' k; n

POCKIENINJA0 v- J4 g2 U6 j& N) [
a. Fights$ f2 E/ L3 z( `+ W" X; v
- You have 20 fights everyday and 30 fights if you are VIP. 
- You can swap skills and gears before fight.
- You can get medals, gears, point/medal bag, apprentice panel opening book and in rare cases, Shippuden outfit wishing pot. You can refresh arena opponent for free every hour or 20 golds for another refresh.ninja.forum.game321.com* F& Y1 n0 L8 _  K
- Medals is obtained from every fight. You will see 6 cards in 3 rows. Every row you finished, you have chance to flip a card, where you can get gears and point/medal bag. Shippuden pot and Apprentice book will appear only in the bonus flip after you clean up all 3 rows. (Tip: Medal and point bag is always appear on 2nd from the right and Apprentice book appear on middle)ninja.forum.game321.com5 p, c3 h0 s* \, X4 H1 K3 u0 M
- Medals is advisable to keep until you reach principal rank. Medals can be used to 'cash in' gears or EXP (not advisable) or breaking jars (lucky draw). Best jar is, of course, the Principal Jar. It contains Normal and Shippuden Outfit, Level 8 enhancement, enchantment, refining and slot creation talisman, gift coupon, EXP and medal bag, skill reset stone and lastly, the useless Anonymous cards.Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum6 @: R, c# U( T( m" y5 ^! o: G# q
- Village Egg is dependent on your arena rank. So, if you have a good village, it's better to get as high as possible, so make use of points bag when you are very near to rank up.
7 E9 Q% M2 u9 l% R" L
b. Duels
- You can have 10 duels per day. Accessible from Arena or Ninja Diary in the village.
- It is a good way to test your skill build. However, if you wanna save time on duels, you just need to simply find a target and keep duel him, you will skip all the fights and only need to look at the last fight.0 F! P4 ^& Y: {; C$ ^0 T
-Duel can be refreshed for 2 golds for more tries but I doubt anyone will do that. Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum* F: R5 i7 E* ]
Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum- q6 A* f4 R" S, A! X5 E8 x
c. Defeated (Guidance Room)ninja.forum.game321.com, g" W! _1 z, W1 ?
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games6 \" P6 A& y6 p: k$ H
4. Kage's Hall (Tailed Beast Invasion Event : 8pm CST)
POCKIENINJA' l& u. q+ n, t' z

kage hall.JPG   kage.JPG 

- You can enter the Tailed Beast Invasion map via Ninja Troop Commander and fight your chosen tailed beast. The tailed beast difficulty is classified into Rampage, Hard and Easy. You should try all 3 difficulty first prior to choose which difficulty to continue fighting. It's best to choose one which you won't die and you can kill the tailed beast within the cooldown per tailed beast. I'm not sure the cooldown but it probably 40 seconds (from time of starting the fight until time for next fight). TB gives a lot of EXP without any movement point and it can be boosted by EXP mark unlike 3v3.
- Tailed beast will drop Tailed Beast pet+0 (Bound), Collection Likings (Unbound) and Gears (Unbound). 
- This event is regarded as win when 5 villages was protected. The Tailed Beast will keep damage the village in terms of HP, thus to win, you all collectively will need to kill Tailed Beast prior to the village destruction. You can increase the life of village by using Big Wood Talisman (drop by TB) or using gold (more powerful but cost a lot of golds and only usable once).ninja.forum.game321.com" \. Y9 w2 v( Y& D- W4 k
- Every TB you killed will give you honour, which can be increased using Lavastone Necklace (Valhalla Drops). At the end of the week, the one with highest honour of each village will become kage and get to claim Kage set. (Kage set info: Hover over the Sets Show). Top 500 will get specific rewards as per shown above.ninja.forum.game321.com6 a3 Z* Z1 e9 f* d
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games' ]4 S, }) L$ F) z: _
5. Pet Kennelninja.forum.game321.com; a6 q5 B9 |* C0 v

a. Pet KennelPOCKIENINJA: B4 }) z% `9 |0 e1 f
ninja.forum.game321.com& z# Q6 Z9 }1 l" w% u9 O' U
frost.JPG ' h& n2 o# U& g$ a9 G0 i
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games$ |, `! U) c1 L2 o# `# ~9 ^) Y4 D
- Pet kennel is the place to feed your pet and wait them to digest or force them to digest using 8 gold or GC. You will need to put food first into the 'package' panel and press 'Feed'. Food is classified into Debris (Others), Cereals (Grains), Dessert, Vegetable and Meat and different pet food have different satiety level and affected by pet preferred type of food as well. Disciple or Apprentice or Slave (Guidance Room) is used to increase satiety and also reduce the feeding time. Once the satiety bar reaches max, you can then discover one skill either in auras, aids or passives.Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum0 C" O. x4 J" `
- If your pet have empty skill slot, you can use pet skill book to 'learn' specific passives or common aids. You can create empty skill slot by clicking a useless skill and click forget but you must have oblivion potion which needed to forget pet skills.
- You can also change your pet name.POCKIENINJA( i" v0 Z. h$ [& w: x9 _
- You only have 1 pet slot but can be expanded if you use 100 golds to open the slots up to 4 slots.

b. Pet Tracing" d( }/ H7 b9 S- P6 l' ?( {
% |0 w( j9 t& g; B: d( G9 _8 c

- It is a game where you will need to find best way to connect as many arrow as possible in a 3x3 box -> -> ->POCKIENINJA5 k6 t) K9 V2 o! c/ `
- You can play up to 10 times per day and the cards can be changed for 8 golds.
- There are 2 obstacles, namely broken arrow and also invisible arrow. When you connecting the arrows, you will have chance to get 3 tools, spanner, knob and magnifier. Spanner to fix broken arrow, knob to rotate the arrow in clockwise motion to flow of adjacent arrow and magnifier to reveal invisible arrow. The tools cannot be carried forward to tomorrow, so use all the tools at the end.
- There is 2 achievements attainable in Pet Tracing. Tracing Master for 2500 tracing points (20 achievement points) and Clear Evidence for 3000 points (30 points).

c. Feather Shop 
- You can exchange feather from Pet Tracing or failed synthesis for pet food satiety 80-100. You can make these food into debris/others by +1s+1s into EXP Mark.3 h+ r" G$ p% v

6. Item Shop Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games7 t$ G( h& ?  w' B

item shop.JPG , Q& j6 e5 ~+ p/ b, {: L

- The only repair shop, other than individual gear repair.
- All the shop sells Secret Technique scrolls for 1 stone.POCKIENINJA6 U4 T* g4 X" P/ A6 [
- Disassembly scroll is in Shop and Mystery Disassembly is in Black Shop.
- Shop is selling 0s/1s gears in stones and costs stones to refresh.. G; s# _5 x* D7 ?
- Black shop sells 1s/2s/3s gears by stones but all is unappraised so it all up to luck. It costs 28 golds or GC to refresh.
- Mystery shop sells unappraised 2s/3s/4s in terms of gold. It costs 8 golds or GC to refresh.POCKIENINJA8 \- K6 j$ S1 r" @) ]8 k- K: f
- Grocery sells HP and Chakra potion. The potion will change every 10 levels and refill amount and cost will increase as well.ninja.forum.game321.com( s$ E- V) q  x$ K% m

7. ArmoryPockie Ninja,Community,Forum+ S5 H) Z- X/ b( i3 b5 b( a
: O0 l5 T( f1 U
armory.JPG Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum1 k% {- m0 h% t( M8 W& b# p0 f
a. Armory5 K  h! |5 A7 V( }3 A2 S2 e2 c, L

9 Q4 g+ M; k! o% r. K
(Note: Talisman only usable for a certain level and below. You cannot use level 6 talisman (Usable for level 80 and below) on equipment level 81 and above)ninja.forum.game321.com5 ]) t+ Q0 {; r% A. Z4 Z' K
i. Enhancement - Use enhancement talisman or 8 golds/GC to enhance weapon for min&max attack and gears for max HP, up to level 16. Enhancement talisman obtainable from Slot Machine or 'Collect Foreign Matter' or 'Proof of Bravery' Bounty Quests or Jar Smash (JS).
ii. Refine - Re-roll or Change the stats in your weapon or gears using refining talisman or 8 golds/GC. Refinement talisman obtainable from Valhalla or Proof of Bravery (POB) Quests.& k6 w: d8 [( C( ^" s' \
iii. Enchant - Embed an enchantment stone (Slot machine/Exploration/Demon Boss/POB/JS) into your gear using enchantment talisman or 1g/GC./ h; g: C0 A. w' j( P9 U
iv. Slot creation - Create gem slot for equipment using slot creation talisman or 58 gold or GC. Slot creation talisman obtainable from S-ranked Collect Foreign Matter quest or Treasure chest from weed in village or JS. Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games$ c% g  q. F) L3 q3 n7 G4 v0 [8 m
v. Embed - Embed gem into the open gem slot in gears. Gem obtained from Exploration/Demon Boss/POB.ninja.forum.game321.com  A! ^- b6 f, [) P' Q
vi. Remove - Remove gem out of the gears. The removal cost in gold/GC depends on level of gem. Reminder: Remove gem prior to extract equipment.POCKIENINJA  O) L/ V2 ^; M8 v$ T4 z+ {
vii. Engrave - 'Lock' a certain stat in the gear so that it won't change when refining. This requires engrave blade (Item mall) and to increase success rate, engrave crystal (Event Pack) is used.
viii. Clear - Remove the 'lock' in engraved gear. ninja.forum.game321.com5 f" W; D- P$ G' o5 n  A1 `6 @

b. Transfer shop 
- Turn pet+0 and outfit+0 into desired ones but within same grade and exchange special set gears (not Valhalla) to higher levels. All bound after transfer.

c. Advanced Outfit Transfer Shop Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games6 |$ k# h4 ~' |" c
- Turn Outfit+1 and above into desired one within same grade (not for limited), costing golds according level of outfit. It might failed and Safety Talisman serve the purpose of preventing original outfit from vanish when failure occurs. 
Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum4 W# J# s4 W8 m+ d/ Z
d. Extract EquipmentPockie Ninja,Community,Forum  _! O, c, g. r# D
- Extract enhancement, slot creation and inscription talisman out of the gear. Normally, people do this when the gears gone unused. The extracted talisman levels depend on the gear level itself. (Reminder: Remove needed gem in the gear first)

e. Craftsman's Home (Gold user only)

Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum4 D* _9 Y+ u, p9 O0 E
- You can increase (destill) the stat in the gears up to 5 times. It costs 1st increase 50 golds and 2nd increase 100 golds and goes on.Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games. `* d" L, a; t4 {
- You can also change the stat (force) into other gear using Craftsman Talisman (Event/ Ninjaopoly). 
! W6 k, B& o) `5 a+ V
8. Guidance Room

ninja.forum.game321.com8 v+ `% R3 h3 G0 T- |
- You can do chores for master for EXP. The higher EXP chores will be unlocked every 10th level.Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum) c0 ^* M2 s8 ^6 ^4 C
- You can defy your master and become free. Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games. B) M, _( i. H4 Z! g% }- N
- You can then 'adopt' apprentice and be their master and educate them or guide them (requires gold but more EXP) for EXP (unlocked every 10th level). If you don't like the Apprentice, you can just dismiss them. Apprentice can help you clear weed in village, helps you in pet feeding and also spare teammates in Valhalla (except Abyss).POCKIENINJA6 ]! \/ l% l( A( k8 o* l
- You started with 2 apprentice slot and can only expand apprentice slot using Apprentice Panel Opening Book. The book amount required will increase with the amount of slot you opened.

9. Card RoomPockie Ninja,Free Web Games- f& L+ c: @% y: A, J& I9 i8 uPockie Ninja,Free Web Games( w! D# ~% }% V3 k: w
a. Card House
- Manage cards obtained from Valhalla and TB event or purchased from card shop.
ninja.forum.game321.com$ [$ ]8 M( E& M- D1 }) c
Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum- D8 ~1 X) ]' [% m
i. Card Hall - Check your collection set of cards progress.
ii. Exchange Box 
- 20 empty slots to keep your cards; can be further expanded using golds. POCKIENINJA1 S$ J& O; P; v
- There is 3 card slot in exchange slot. You can put in excess card in there and trade with your friends who also put their cards in exchange box slot for the card you want. You can only swap once every 4 minutes and 40 seconds but you can ignore the cooldown by paying 3 gold but not worthy. 1 S3 @- M, N8 |  V; i$ e
iii. Card show - Achievement
iv. Info - Time and who traded your cards or who you trade card with and redemption of card sets.
v. Card Synthesis - 5 green cards synthesised into 1 blue card by cost of 800 stones. POCKIENINJA" @. Z5 p! v. W: G
$ F% M- M; ?/ f/ g' K+ S
b. Card ShopPockie Ninja,Community,Forum: f  T+ V9 ~3 Z. @* x+ e
- The currency used to buy the cards is All-purpose cards (Event/Ninjaopoly/Sign-in event)
- The price dependent on level or grade of card.

POCKIENINJA' m2 e4 b7 l( Z* R, W8 E+ \
10. Tsunade Pub
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games  L; V, E* f: ?* U7 z+ C6 @# l8 v: v
pub.JPG & ?$ }- b# o# W8 }4 n
- 2 Free rolls per day. Rewards depends on your luck. You can 'set stock' (golds) and use 10 golds to turn once. 
- If you use gold to spin, the rewards will accumulated in unclaimed box. If you gather 10 items and you are not happy with them, you can give them up and get 30 golds for another rolls. At every 100th paid roll (in a single day), you will enter Rampant Mode where all rewards during that roll are highly valued and higher chance of obtaining +27 Pet and +27 S-rank outfit.- d8 X/ A, N; n. c* t
- There are plenty of rewards but there is no gems and treasure jars.POCKIENINJA8 B& L7 ~! o6 U% X, ~. l
- There is ranking system as well where you have chance to get 1*level 10 stone bag (100k stones), 3*advanced inscription talisman, 1*craftsman talisman and also 60*dark gold collection jars. This probably best way to get dark gold collection (bound) other than Tailed Beast event or winning WoN.Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum$ F9 E9 s& N7 h0 o

11. Impel Down (level 61+)


- ID is a good place for training but its monster are extremely strong and once you die, you will lose 5% EXP if revive using stones but golds revive without losing EXP.Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum! r" {+ j% I  ~; [, h" j  V; o
- The main importance of this place is you can obtain soul crystal for Zanpakuto system (16) to further strengthen yourself.
- There are 6 stages but 2 stages for level 101 and 111 thus haven't open presently. Each stage have 25 floors and bosses inhabit every 5th floor. You won't return to first floor automatically daily but instead, you will need to refresh to back floor 1. You would have to refresh the stages you passed one by one.
- Soul crystal have two types, namely blue and purple. Purple which is better grade only drops by boss floors.ninja.forum.game321.com6 h2 E. F6 s% O9 ^# T' J0 T" M
i. Auto-sell: Sell soul crystal for spiritstones and stones. Blue SC sold for 1 Spiritstones and 10k and purple sold for 3 Spiritstones and 30k stones. Spiritstones is usable in Zanpakuto system.ninja.forum.game321.com! S# t5 Z, S5 ~- S. Q9 t2 S; Q
ii. Auto-complete: Best feature in ID where you can pass through floors which you completed without viewing fights and wasting potions. However, you will still need to pass them manually first like LN. It will auto-complete until floor before the one you lost.
iii. Refresh: Back to floor 1. Can refresh once for free everyday. After that, you can refresh using golds for 4 times at 100g incremental by 100g every time you refresh e.g. 3rd time paid refresh will be 300g.POCKIENINJA: o, a% ?' ?4 B9 k6 x
POCKIENINJA5 t  r% h/ w. L2 N6 o
12. Sannin's Test/ Ninja Rank Promotion

sanni.PNGsannin.JPG nin.PNG 
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games5 d: W; i1 Q; O* B0 N- K8 l
- You must obtain Nin in the throw to get growing points (GP) in addition of extra EXP. This GP will then proceed you to Ninja Promotion exam to obtain more basic max HP.Nin: POCKIENINJA" U9 [3 W$ e' V/ s2 A: i
- You can throw 20 times everyday and 10 times to 'Change Luck' (reroll) what you have thrown. The reroll will add extra Nin if lucky and you will not get less Nin in reroll. 
- 0 to 2 Nin = 0 GP, 3 = 1 GP, 4 = 3 GP, 5 = 8 GP, 6 = 18 GPPockie Ninja,Free Web Games0 m6 n( }* B1 h0 ?1 x1 \
- L# |0 @. ~9 `1 v; _' c
13. Jar Shop

jar.JPG Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum) O; M! k' L0 R% Q2 B) j5 y+ l! |1 i% H+ ]' v% D; f/ U4 ~# |
- The currency used is medals. Medal earned from Arena mainly, medal bag and a bit from Bounty Quests weekly conversion.5 i- ]* q' C7 r4 R" N) \
- Best free jar will be Principal Colored Jar, which gives you normal and Shippuden outfits, talismans with level 8 and bags of level 8 or 9. Rewards, however, are bound.
- Other way is use 58 or 18 golds to break colorful or mystery colored jars. The rewards are unbound so you can sell it away in Trade Market. Sometimes, there will be event gives you 'Free Gold Jar Hammer' entitling you to break 18 golds Mystery colored jar for free. 58 golds jar have higher chance to get outfits than 18 golds.Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games- j7 J" \9 z! |9 V# n2 W7 r& ~# r

14. War of Ninjaninja.forum.game321.com1 u( A; n' n: \4 t) [
-Refer B2ninja.forum.game321.com; q/ e) W, L! [" q
Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum4 r' F$ I/ _$ c; ~. N4 V
15. My village9 u& |% u6 D4 X* B- T( T4 P9 T4 K

ninja.forum.game321.com, m- b  A* o4 P
12041702533e7a560ad375c37e.jpg POCKIENINJA! i; j4 ], P$ m

$ v$ b7 M6 G) ]0 e6 {  v8 I
- In village, the main focus is harvesting eggs. Eggs could give you stones, medals and EXP. The amount is determined by your arena rank. 
- To upgrade building, there is a prerequisite in terms of luxury points. Luxury points is not achievement points. You have to get luxury points by expanding scene or put decoration into village. In terms of gold ratio to luxury points, it is advisable to expand the scene first. It will add on much more points than gold deco.POCKIENINJA3 H4 A1 X" L" V- Z% K
- You can also clear weed using apprentice to get crops, treasure chest (talisman, anonymous card and feather) and crop bags (50 crops). 
POCKIENINJA1 R% C: n3 _, G6 A, r. G9 k2 p5 S
16. Zanpakuto System: O2 m& H: {" i" }) v8 B- h: E8 X" d7 t- x

POCKIENINJA3 w& @. i/ g9 {  ^
- These system further increase max limit of strength of players. You can obtain more stats from it.POCKIENINJA4 B  P0 D. U+ F
- This is directly linked to Impel Down. Impel Down provides Soul Crystal to be embed to specific part of weapon. Every stage unlocked will open a part of weapon in this system to be inserted Soul Crystal. Soul Crystal itself has a single stat but you can unlock another 2 stat in that SC using 10 golds for 1st slot and 20 golds for 2nd slot. - There are 4 grades of stats in the 2 SC, namely, grey, green, blue and purple. The purple will have the highest amount of stat compared to other colors.ninja.forum.game321.com" T. e1 _5 S0 I: ?. ?+ K" c
- You can refine 3 times for free everyday. After that, you will need 5k stones with 3 spiritstones or 10g if insufficient spiritstones. During refinement, you can lock the stat so that you can refine easily but this costs spiritstones or golds as well.
17. Trade Market

trade.JPG 4 u/ ~4 ]% p8 p& L$ j) M' P: w- 'Want to sell' items displays all the items which are unbound and can be sold. Once you set the price and sale duration and click sell, your selling item will appear in 'Buy Items' section and selling items' duration left and amount left can be easily checked under 'Consigned item'. If you suddenly thinking of taking it out from sale, you can just press 'withdraw' or you felt it lack of attention, you can press 'display' your transaction to the world using 2 golds. If your item didn't sold before time ends, it will expired and you will need to click 'Expired' to take the items to 'Trade Warehouse' section. You can then 'claim' the item back into your backpack and resell if you wanted to. Any sale will automatically informed in 'Mail'.  `# r, ]. ^: c3 ~
- Vice versa, 'Want to buy' will appear in 'Sell Items' section. Progress itself appears in Want to buy. Withdraw and expire will also go into trade warehouse. Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games' U4 ?0 M" [; W- g. k8 s
- The trade market tab will blinking when there are items kept in trade warehouse. Take it out if you don't like its distraction.

18. Item Mall1 K; L8 E8 ?. ~) X1 y! M: G$ W

itemmall.JPG / [: `) X& B5 h( ]6 h1 M: y: b* `
- This mall sells item only in golds or gift coupon. But, some items only can be bought with golds.
- There will always be special gift box (gold only) during event period. This pack will be removed when event period ends." \" u+ B6 J0 j! \# z 

Angel City

$ p8 {9 [; o% n5 W2 m
angel city.JPG
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games9 Z. t  O' G9 Q3 n6 V" n0 B
1. Dice of Fate
dice of fate.JPG untitled.JPG

- 28 gold to clear the curse
- Temporary boost in your stat if you are lucky. The next roll you make its effect will replace previous effect. e.g. your first roll is demonic curse, 2nd turn of angelic blessing will clear demonic curse and you will be under angelic blessing effect.
- If you managed to get 36 points, you will get 20 achievement points and Legendary Fat Sheep title (+1% stone drop). The title is useless, but achievement point could increase achievement tower level in village and in turn, increase luxury points in village for higher upgrade level of building.Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum. C: K; U; o3 G/ x! V4 n- o3 R
4 H2 Q! U+ ~6 |) A( m
2. Trail Waterfall/ Waterfall of Trial (Ninja's Trial and War of Ninja)6 e& I! e: |: G" K' O1 S

untitled.JPG ' ~3 z# Z9 U# O% h

a. Ninja's Trial/ 3v3 event (Level 40 and above : 8PM CST)
- This place is the place for 3v3 event where you will team up with 2 other players against another team of 3. Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum$ C+ A& Z' r3 F' c/ n+ U1 J" V
- Team stone can help you to find teammates (as leader) or team.Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum3 ^. j3 \4 _( F- Q  S& n9 ^5 S1 ^
- Test officer is the person who you must talk to attend the 3v3 event. You can attend as a team leader or individual participant. In individual participation, the system will automatically team you up with another 2 person who registered as individual as well. Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum5 K5 m' m1 f$ S0 I
- 3v3 fights have points to collect. 3 points for each win and 1 point for loss. This points can be boosted or doubled by Trial Credit scroll (obtainable from event) to 6 points and 3 points respectively. The scroll will need to be given to Test officer prior to fights in the 'Use credit scroll' button. Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games" O% ?! g1 s  w2 c. m) h1 e
- Use of these points are to redeem items from Reward Redeem Officer lady. She operates the Trial Shop where you can exchange the Trial Points for Blue, Purple, Orange and Dark Red Collection Likings, Bloodsoul I-V level and also the level 91 gears, which have a good set bonus stat. i.e. better than normal gears.
- To prevent from missing the fights, use skip card or 'last 10 second attend' method (Clive'shttp://ninja.forum.game321.com/viewthread.php?tid=50397)5 D& i7 H2 o: o. ?4 T

b. War of Ninja (Level 80 and above)
- The guy named Ninja vs Guard is the NPC responsible for War of Ninja registration for both individual and team participation. You can enter once a week from Tuesday to Sunday. Once registered, you will get 15 gift coupons.- War of Ninja fights started with regional qualifier match in the server to choose Top 16. Then, they will fight through the Regional Elimination/ Knockout match. Winners of regional will then represent server to join Cross-server qualifier match. The top 16 prevailed will then fight until become the cross-server champion and be the Strongest Player of All Servers.
1) Regional Top 16 of Individual (Team) Match: Lv.3 Bloodsoul Treasure Jar*2, Luxury Treasure Jar*10, Lv.8 Engrave Crystal*15;
2) Regional Champion of Individual (Team) Match: Super Outfit Purify Stone*1, Advanced Pet Purify Stone*1, Lv.3 Luxury EXP Bag*1, Advanced Engrave Blade*1;Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games/ C6 T. `; n/ M
3) World Top 16 of Individual (Team) Match: Luxury Treasure Jar*30, Craftsman Talisman*1, Lv.3 Luxury EXP Bag*3, Oblivion Potion*1;Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum4 P/ F' U# j8 p2 Y/ s8 I* i: r& w1 T) ^( X2 q
4) World Champion of Individual (Team) Match: Dark Gold Collection Jar*200, Bankai Skill Book Wishing Pot*1, Bankai Title Wishing Pot*1, Advanced Pet Purify Stone*2, Advanced Outfit Purify Stone*2

Demon City

Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games% O+ X6 T7 E6 W5 D& q
Demon city.JPG
* |/ }; {0 `, A/ B8 L( d8 e# D7 J; B
1. ValhallaPOCKIENINJA2 [5 |. g" S. g

( P0 j8 O3 q9 R" ]
- You have 3 tries per day. There are 3 difficulty levels of Valhalla : Normal, Hard and Abyss (level 56 onwards).POCKIENINJA. [# [/ y- P3 j% f- _+ E/ U
- Valhalla gives you cards, lava stones for tailed beast event (increase honour obtained per TB killed), refining talisman and gears according to level of Valhalla you did during the fight. Flipping cards gives you Abyss pass, Blue, Orange, Gold Equipment box, Blue outfit, Orange outfit, EXP or Stone bag. (Prosti's Valhalla Gear set: http://ninja.forum.game321.com/viewthread.php?tid=29701)
- Valhalla Abyss gives you Valhalla Crystal which can be convert into pet passives skill book or Valhalla enchantment stones via Convert Tool. (Refer Eleven's ench stone info:http://ninja.forum.game321.com/viewthread.php?tid=45206). However, you need Abyss pass to do Abyss Valhalla. The pass can only be obtained from flipping cards in Hard Abyss of that level.
- The green cards obtained level 26 onwards, blue is level 76 (yet to be confirmed). Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum- J, r+ t; h! T0 t
- The main problem with Valhalla is the leader, either you or someone else. Most people doesn't want to lead either lazy or slow. But, being leader, you will get more stones and EXP. At low levels, Valhalla is main source of stones (10k+).
- At low levels, there is a need for swapping fighting spots in order to conserve HP and chakra. Currently, you can heal 20% HP and 40% chakra every fight. So, be aware of your comrades HP, thus there is need to remind your teammates to check their skill build prior to enter. You don't want to see your teammates using chakra-consuming skills or inappropriate skill.. W' @- G1 M' w
- Do not blame who leave the Valhalla halfway. Most of the time, they disconnected. You shouldn't blame them but rather pity them, they wasted their try while you still can continue your Valhalla. 
Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum" [% H& @! |4 A1 x* }
2. Las Noches
7 K# b" ?+ [/ {: c2 ?6 k9 r
ln.JPG Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum  L' T7 F, L3 a' H' _

- 3 tries per day.
- When enter for first time, you will need to do the LN from floor 1. You will have one free chance of rebirth known as Faux body. You only have one Faux Body but it can be bought using gold and the more Faux body you bought, the higher the gold cost. LN will auto-save the last floor you are in when you dead without Faux body or the highest floor you claimed. - The next time you doing LN, you will have 3 choices to choose. Firstly, Common route which is start from floor 1 and cost the least stones. 2nd choice will be express path, which will cost more stones but you will save the time and you will start from half of your saved highest floor. e.g. highest floor 73, you will express start at 37. 3rd choice is VIP path which you need gold to straight start from (the highest floor saved - 10 floors).
- You can auto-challenge as well which will cost golds but the fights will be skip. You can auto-challenge up to 3 times, i.e. die for 3 times. In between he auto-challenge, you can switch to manual challenge and leave LN awhile and continue your auto-challenge later.- J( V. q' t& q5 g7 w0 Z


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