Credits: Bestkiller adam@pwnthis.net
1-Enter Happy Pets [click to play Happy Pets]

2-open Cheat Engine
3-Select the web browser you using in process list (plugin-container.exe for firefox)
4- Search for 2500
5- Select all the addresses in black and click on the red arrow.
6- All the addresses will appear in the table below. Select all the addresses and right click > Change Record, change the value to 1 and click OK.
7- Go to the Store > Furnishings > Wall Stuff > 2nd page and you will see that the Long Trophy Shelf now cost 1 coin.
8- Buy 2 (u can buy as many you want)
9- Exit the Store , go back to cheat engine & change the values from 1 to 99900000
10- Now, sell your Long Trophy Shelves for a lot of money. Go to Store and purchase any other items to save the game.
Have fun!


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