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here is a guide to the new PN feature, "Inscription" in case some of you are not sure how to use this new feature.Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games2 u/ a8 g9 C! Y; }$ a. x0 d' {; @

What is this so called feature called "Inscription?"

Inscription can raise your equipments attributes:
- Weapon's minimum and maximum attack0 o6 P+ [$ u5 I! R$ r3 `
- Armor's defense

How to obtain :
2.item mall(advanced inscription talisman)
3.Bounty quest
5.Slot machine

- The highest inscription level is 12Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games1 M: D+ Z  y7 V9 {; y3 ?$ n
- You can only use 3 of them at a time & using 3 at a time gives you the max rate
- Advanced tailsman has higher success rate % and can be obtained from events, item mall, etc.
- Low-level tailsman can only be obtained from auto-combat, bounty quests and the slot machine. E; t3 d+ W7 ~9 J: S
- If successful, the inscription level on your equipment will increase by 1 ninja.forum.game321.com' p! q; F% E+ E) l
ninja.forum.game321.com' f2 {3 g9 \" b( g- M4 m# c  T
- If inscription is level 4 or lower it's level will not decrease if failedPockie Ninja,Community,Forum# g# S- e( H, `# U: ~
- Level 1 - 4 will not drop a level if failed (use low-level tailsman until you get 4 stars since it will never drop a level if it fails)ninja.forum.game321.com; ^5 N% F9 T7 J) q8 j3 G
- Level 5 - 7 if failed will go back to level 4 (you can use either but I would use low=level for 5 and advanced or 6 & 7)
- Level 9 - 11 if failed will go back to level 8 (for 9 use low-level and for 10, 11, 12, if possible use advanced)
0 ^1 r  G* r" J. F9 W

- WARNING!!!Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum+ s: ]8 Q# P) ^! X
As of right now, if you have more than one talisman in your inventory, ALL OF THEM will be used up on the next try. I had two of them, upgraded ONCE, and both were consumed. But if you use more than one the success rate will increase. If you have more than 3 it would use 3 at a time UNLESS you highlight where it says number used and enter the number there. (Every low-level tailsman used gives around 3%)9 g/ u' @  m/ ?/ r- Q- X) }. Z
ninja.forum.game321.com; T2 D) j7 F' [
How do I use this feature?
! K, ^: s; M! ?. i: t4 G
Well that's what you are here for!
ninja.forum.game321.com& G3 Z) g" _2 P) L+ ]( p- f
Step 1: On the right side of your inventory, press the Synthesis tab and then when the portable function window shows up, click the Engrave tab at the top of it.
Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum( @% K8 l0 e2 K: q, L# o; f
Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum$ S0 s3 O1 ?( o# n. o( A

Step 2: As you can see, I have one yellow tailsman which is called the Low Level Inscription Tailsman, the green one is called the Advanced Inscription Talisman. The Low Level Inscription Tailsman has a lower success rate than the Advanced Inscription Tailsman, so I suggest you use the Low Level one for the first few inscriptions on your equipment, no need to waste the Advanced ones.ninja.forum.game321.com( L( {) d2 r/ x: p* z+ ?7 x! P
ninja.forum.game321.com, e+ N6 Q% c1 p+ t

POCKIENINJA' W4 V0 G7 t1 |1 Y+ G
Step 3: Drag your equipment that you want inscripted into the box there is will be appear success rate, for level one it is 100% and it goes down each time.
, e+ u) r; J9 K6 W
Step 4: Click start inscription, note that it costs stones to do so. if you inscription your equipment your minimum and maximum attack went up and if your inscript your armor your armor defence went up.

its how you use the Inscription function on your equipment.

Success rate for 1 low lvl talisman:
Level 1 = 100%
Level 2 = 81%ninja.forum.game321.com8 D' v5 e* n) R+ M: H5 ?

Sorry until now just untill level 2 because I forgot to write it.I will Update it soon.!! Stay tuned!!


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  1. wow that's a big help..

  2. nice site... thx for the info...

  3. i can't inscript my weapon even if i have a lot of low and advance inscription talisman..what's happening..?plz help me..

  4. sekco`sajfoahgouhgjsoidhd wsagdfjjhjgfjgkj

  5. i reccomend this way (btw i have it +14 with the new patch (14/16) ) +1-7 low tals x1 each time - for +8 use 3 advance tals then use low tals x1 until +10 and after that use x3 advance (btw when i make it +12 which is safe point i used like 30 low tals to make it +13 and then x3 advance)(i can tell u 1 think, for +15 from +14 it is 11% with x3 low tals (idk with advance) )

  6. thanks for ur recomendation.. I think so.. use low inscript talisman when you at save point.. and use advanced for next..(for +9 up)

  7. it helped me alot

  8. need help.. i currntly have 106 low talismans and wen i click 'start' a message appears 'not enough inscription talisman' .. wat the hell is dat?

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