Grow Your Gold On Pockie Ninja

The Free-User's Guide to
''Grow your own Gold"

Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games' [1 y4 Y3 r+ C  H( `+ {7 u
# A. P/ Z' O! F+ I& Q" S
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games- B% R/ Q. w9 n1 ~; b1 J; P; X

Regularly free-users have been complaining about how the game has become based on Heavy-Gold users and how free users can't be anywhere as near as good as a Gold user - This is Wrong. There are tons of ways to get your own gold, you just have to be committed to doing so. If you don't care about spending enough time on this game to be good, then you never will be, and should quitimmediately.

POCKIENINJA; _) ^( P4 v0 C

1. Valhalla Abyss
POCKIENINJA% }, p6 u; }( B  p& L4 m2 E# lPOCKIENINJA) q/ I: j, ]- U, s
Valhalla Abyss Pass - These can be obtained for under 50,000 stones at the Trade Market, as a flip card reward at the end of a 56,66,76,86,96 zone. Some weak players usually give a strong player a free pass if they go with them to Valhalla, so always look for these type of people first. You can either use the passes to get the rewards below, or sell them for around 4-5 gold apiece.
Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum: V) m% C0 @, J3 ~& k9 u9 j" _ t9 \1 M8 P' ^" _# ^# z. d

Valhalla Abyss drops random;
! f9 f3 J5 T. D& A, A; }& v  B
Valhalla Crystals, 1s/2s/3s/4s, Green Cards, Blue Cards, Lava Stone Necklace
POCKIENINJA. M" |& L0 R/ e' [! t8 L( e5 o
$ T$ W  S4 \1 u/ S' f

Valhalla Crystals: Save up the required amount of BOUND can redeem certain Enchantment Stones, these sell ranging from 15g up to around 30-40g, depending on the level. UNBOUND stones should be sold at 1 gold per piece, you get around 5-6 unbound crystals per run, which equals to 4 gold after the 10% discount, 4*3 = 12 gold with just crystals alone.
& G& Y6 Y3 E# I  C. G

Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games- r# {  f1 j; [9 r9 V$ ~
1s/2s/3s/4s Drops: ALWAYS look in the trade market before selling a 3s/4s item, find the category your item lies within and sell yours for 1 gold less than the lowest priced item there, people don't care about it's stats since most people who buy them will just refine them anyway.

2s - 1 gold or 2s+2s+2s = 3s (must all be unbound).
POCKIENINJA8 y8 y: n! i$ ~& A8 P+ q
3s - 3-4 Gold.

4s - ranges on popularity from 20-100 Gold.

Green/Blue Card Drops: Useful for 3. The Card House

Valhalla Abyss*3 average three 3s Drops and 9 Unbound Crystals and 3 Lava Stone Necklaces will give you around 20-25 Gold.

All for free

POCKIENINJA, M+ P8 I% |  W+ g- R" |5 x! A
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games' V3 x6 q) e2 N0 p/ @- X) s0 x) D
2.  Bounty Quests K) O! Z2 H: e3 I: _& }#$ ~+ _4 O2 b- ~1 z
Bounty Quest Drop Variations (Have chances to be Unbound);

Level 1 Gems, Demon Proof of Surpression, VIP Cards, Medicine etc.
POCKIENINJA" v8 i# j; F6 K6 e  K% f0 H  J

8 s3 C' `2 i. T# |$ o& v& H
Level 1 Gems: BOUND can be saved for upgrading equipment gems and making new ones, UNBOUND gems can be sold at the trade market for 4 gold, or 5 gold if there is no active market competition.

Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games" N! Q8 ]3 d$ }9 H" c( H# o/ T/ B& G
Demon Proof of Surpression: BOUND can be used for challenging Zone Bosses (example: Thorn Crown Demon), UNBOUND are usually sold for little gold, so a suggested sale price is 3 gold, I suggest selling more than one at a time. Also helpful for 4. Slot Machine & Demon Proof of

POCKIENINJA" W, |. J/ h8 e7 t

VIP Cards: BOUND can be used to extend VIP membership (gives 1.3XP boost), UNBOUND can be sold for around half of what the sale price is in Item Mall, also check that nobody else is selling at a lower price.
) p6 {' [! ?2 Z/ Y
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games6 a& K; q4 }1 N, `# Z
: R9 V" S; s; H# P* i
Medicine: Purple can be saved for when you get hurt, blue and red can be right clicked and sold for 60-70 stones each, it's not much but it's still something.
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games0 i, G, _8 @& S- t9 c0 S

Bounty Quest*10 average one Level 1 Gem, one Unbound 3-day VIP card, one Unbound Demon Proof of Surpression will give you around 15-20 Gold.
POCKIENINJA: `$ P& i; B% Q0 W) k
All for Free
, M% i4 |$ n, G, R, u" [

3. The Card House
POCKIENINJA" v% Q' e0 T. s$ B. L

Cards can be obtained from;
Valhalla (3 per Normal/Hard level, 15 per Abyss level), 100 Sign-In points get 20 All Purpose card, which can give you 2 Green Cards

9 x; D4 H' _/ B! ?6 X; U9 R Q! w/ i, @) t
Always check the green card rewards, since those cards are easiest to acquire. Most of the time rewards can have 40 Synthesis Value pets, Recast Talismans - and Kage Sets can even give rare Gems and Gold Equipment. ALL Card rewards (excluding Enh,Ench,Ref Talismans) are UNBOUND. 40synth pet + unbound 1s + unbound 1s = chance for Unbound Frostbore Dragonling+0 - these can sell for up to 30 gold each, other 40 synth pets sell for around 8-12 gold! Unbound Valhalla chests can also be rewards for card redemption, for green the maximum level of chest is Blue, for blue the maximum level of chest is Orange, and for red the maximum level of chest is Gold, use the 2s/3s/4s selling tips from 1. Valhalla to sell your equipment rewards.

' |- e" {1 `6 j

Abyss-Level Valhalla 100% Completion*3 = 45 cards = average of two Green or even Blue sets completed.
Average 1*Orange Equipment and 1*40 Synthesis Pet will get you 15-18 Gold.
All for Free
Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum3 a% O8 L$ A6 M4 {7 W) J  T& j$ C
Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum% I+ x4 ^2 E) @

POCKIENINJA: q* ?+ N" }' W$ n+ r* }* ?/ w
4. Slot Machine & Demon Proof of Suppression Usage

How to obtain Demon Proof of Suppression;
Bounty Quest, Exploration, Trade Market for around 15,000 Stones each, Hand Grenade+2s+2s, Hand Grenade+Gem of Justice+Gem of Justice

Demon Proof of Suppression Rewards;
Green Blue Purple Orange Dark-Red Collection, 3 Stat Equipment, 4 Stat Equipment, Gem of Justice, Lucky Gem, Demon Head etc.
% u! E! X2 G/ \
Demon Proof of Suppression Rewards are 50% Bound, 50% Unbound, although all 4s drops dropped by Demons are unbound.

POCKIENINJA1 t4 z: w: H# e
                                                                      Slot Machine Rewards;
Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum/ n) f  F3 \* `8 Q% O3 p5 F7 [

Green Blue Purple Orange Dark-Red Collection (Based on Zone Level), 3 Stat Equipment, 4 Stat Equipment, Hand Grenade

Elegant Giftbox, Outfit Giftbox, Advanced Outfit Giftbox (All Giftboxes are BOUND)

Slots and Demon Proofs are the best way to obtain gold, below is a list of all sale prices of the above items;
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games4 A" l, E: n6 q- s

Orange Collection - 1 Gold
/ S  i! V0 D% v0 ?
Dark Red Collection - 5 Gold
Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum* U! B3 x" Z& F6 P; {, k
3 Stat Equipment - 1-5 Gold
POCKIENINJA, p. S1 |; e, l% M
4 Stat Equipment - 20-100 Gold
Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum' I" G* |1 S, `  w
Lucky Gem - 4 Gold

Demon Head - 1 Gold

Demon Heart - 1 Gold

Demon Soul stone - 3 Gold
POCKIENINJA6 [6 B4 J6 C" F) b/ r3 {

50*Slot Machine and 5*Demon Proof of Suppression will get you around 10 Orange Collection, 1 Dark Red, 3 3Stat, 1 of each Demon Part, 1 4Stat, Lucky Gem, will get you around 40 Gold
All for Free

Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum& g- Z, R; y2 S8 a
POCKIENINJA8 v8 ~  V! o; L
POCKIENINJA) g7 [4 f7 N* w3 K. K" S; V5 _
5. Defense against Tailed Beast

+ ]  C3 w1 S, w+ V) p. j: b' A' t
Tailed Beast Rewards;
Orange Dark-Red Collection, 3Stat Equipment, 4Stat Equipment, Red Cards

Usually everyone gets a 4 Stat Equipment drop from Tailed Beast Unite!, so the TM is flooded with sales of equips. You should really wait until Mondays to sell your 4s, since it will have been a double 3v3, not many other sales will be listed. Orange Collections are frequently dropped, Red collections aren't as frequent, but still occur. Red cards are useful for 3. The Card House. Use the sales directions for 4. Slot Machine and Demon Proof of Suppression to check the sales prices for the drops above.
POCKIENINJA8 b* E/ M) m7 w. {$ h( b+ I& T! _
30*Tailed Beast Attacks will get you around 15 Orange Collections, 2 Dark Red Collections, 2 3Stat Equipment, 1 4Stat Equipment. This will get you around 50 Gold.
POCKIENINJA4 W' ~* \  R  j" Q% f* r$ j
All for Free
, b2 e7 z: V# v: z0 u8 P

Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum1 [: C- q# g/ K6 ]) F7 e" W3 r
! u/ d% x, ]4 I# H" @4 E
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games! m' U: }; k' H& G7 C8 d2 ^
6. Summary
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games& p0 c: j; w6 W. H2 Z+ Q
+ |2 d! D. \' c- s! Y2 l
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games5 i( N4 H" d- n9 _  b; ?4 A9 k
In total, by completing all of the above in one day you could POTENTIALLY (You will realistically not get this everyday, since the drops are dependent on luck and you probably won't have enough time EVERY day.)

In total the above will get you around 110-130 Gold during a TB day
/ a5 v/ k5 L$ k( f/ s
and 70-80 Gold during a Non-TB day
6 ?* G6 _5 {  I/ }7 v# X3 Z
Doing a casual day of a few Valhalla and a few Slots, Demon Proofs etc. can get you around 20-30 Gold a Day.
! V+ A1 @" V6 P5 N* _: p! C( \' y; E) u$ F& f% P" c
So in short, follow the above and save your gold and you can be JUST as good as a gold-user.

Investing Your Gold to Make More
Luxury Treasure Jars 38g each - chance to receive Unbound S Rank, New Outfits, Unbound Shippuden
Challenge Zone, try your luck!
Buy more abyss passes, demon proofs of surpression, and redo the guide!
Credit : Trisengan


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