[ Pockie Ninja Builds] Guide for the Sub-types of AB Speedsters [Advanced]

Before lvl50, nearly every speedster focuses solely on speed because they think (erroneously) that a speedster's primary stat is speed.$ k# j, {8 G: {  n& }2 r6 |

However, when you get to higher levels and start to improve your gear, you start to realize that just having speed isn't gonna get you anywhere. Your damage is too low for def-hp chakra eaters, and all your fights with speedsters come down to a matter of luck of who spams stun skills first. Eventually, you come down to two options: become an armor break speedster or become a dodge speedster. This guide discusses the primary sub-types of AB speedsters.

The three most important stats for an AB speedster are obviously AB, agility, and speed%. Ignoring the 4th stat and refining for those stats might prove to be enough for your lvl61-70 gear (unless you are really rich, 2 stats AB + agility or speed% should be enough for lvl51-60). However, every stat on every gear matters at end game, and that's when you start thinking about the 4th stat.$ T. @- v# S* X2 ~4 ]' K% i

We will start with a general gear model for AB speedsters at lvl80 - ? speed% agility AB(golden) (or ? ? AB AB enhance for weapons). Now all we have to do is switch the "?" with another stat. As a result, 4 sub-types of AB speedsters are created:- ]& J" Q- B6 i8 {, B2 \( r
( w' Z$ P" u. X, j
1. AB-att speedster (att/min att/max att/hit as the 4th stat)
AB-att.png * P# J' c" W* h; W
A very reliable build. With an decent att, a high AB, and a super speed, you will do insane amounts of damage to both speedsters and tanks.
Rating against tanks: 5/5) Z, [& z8 c! o; Y& M( Z
Rating against speedsters: 4/5

2. AB-crit speedster (crit/hit as the 4th stat)
AB-crit.png $ u. ~. R+ V+ u3 o5 c# ~& h# P1 ~% F
A super high damage build. With a high crit rate and a high AB + speed, you constantly do high amounts of critical damage. However, when your have bad luck, your damage is relatively low due to your low att. You should preferably have 450+ crit at lvl80.
Rating against tanks: 4/5; K" `6 S  o4 g# O1 ^* \+ y
Rating against speedsters: 4.5/5

3. AB-att-crit speedster (att/min att/max att/crit/hit as the 4th stat)
A reliable build. With a decent att and occasional critical hits, you deal very high amounts of damage to both tanks and speedsters. You should preferably have 250-300 crit at lvl80.) S' p) U: F$ G/ j. ?3 f1 }! D
Rating against tanks: 4/5
Rating against speedsters: 4.5/52 Z$ b8 n( U. ^

4. AB-dodge speedster (dodge as the 4th stat)4 A+ @: V; d4 W6 i
THIS BUILD ONLY EXISTS IN AMERICAN SERVERS. In!@#$servers, nearly every lvl80 character has 400-500 hit, making it impossible to have a build with dodge as a secondary stat. However, our circumstances are different. Maybe because of the lack dodgers in our servers, even lvl80 players tend to ignore the importance of hit. If this build works for you in your server, you would do very high amounts of damage over time because of your dodge. 
Rating against tanks: 3.5/5
Rating against speedsters: 5/5: D! R3 J/ C; O6 \6 E

Finally, keep in mind that you do not need to have agility and speed% on every gear. It is possible to switch out some speed% stats with the 4th stat that you want to focus on.

Credit : Ultimatepain S12

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