Pockie Ninja extraction guide [strategy]

[Strategy] Extraction Guide

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I decided to make a guide for this since several players on my server didn't even know about it still so here goes.
With the new extraction system available at the armory you can recover some of those inscription talismans and enhancement talismans and slot talismans you've put on old equipment to help upgrade your new equipment.
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You can select which lvl of enhancement talismans and slot talismans dependent on what lvl of gear you have inserted into the the extraction slot interface. Also the amount of talismans for each category varies dependent on certain variable's as well I believe it has to do with how high its enhanced how many slots it has and how high you've inscribed your previous equipment./ ?. r5 j0 z" n: ^
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After selecting which item you wish to regain by putting a check in one of the three selection boxes to the right of the equipment in the slot click to extract and the regained items will apear the box to the farthest right side of the interface simply click tuck in the bag to have them transferred to your inventory just like in pet tracing.Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games; i+ R0 a; w- J! o+ I

After some testing between armor's and weapons I think the amount you receive back is dependant on how many of each item you use your equipment either that or weapons just have a much higher return rate than armor's do which I'm not totaly sure about.

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Remember to remove any gem's before removing the slot talisman's as they will be lost if you merely pull out the slot talismans while the gem's are still socketed within them. I had a friend already not remove a couple tb heart gem's and lost them cause he didn't thouroughly read the instructions as he rushed through the interface. ninja.forum.game321.com9 [2 `( E1 T( {/ z  |
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Anyways thats my guide I know its kinda brief and all but I figure why over complicate anything it should just be simple and easy to understand.

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