Secret of extract equipment shop [ tips & trick Pockie ninja ]

Hi Guys! This is Enzymes of s5-6.

I'm here to share a strategy which i'm sure would greatly contribute to the effectiveness of your saving 
POCKIENINJA2 ?$ ^% p+ M8 f% D4 \
I've been using this method for quite some time now, and this'll make you not throw any tali's w/c are lower LvL-ed than your equipments., N4 `3 z8 u! I; `3 s4 d

So let me start:
POCKIENINJA4 `& N/ ?6 k! r' s

I know for a fact that Slot Talismans, Enhancement Talisman and Advance Inscription Talismans are very hard to get nowadays. After reading this thread, i'm sure that you'll be able to upgrade your equipments much faster & better now.

What you would need: Low level Inscription Talismans, From LvLs 1-6 Enhancement Talismans, From LvLss 1-6 Slot Creation Talisman, and most important.... Any Low Level Equipment. (For this demo, i'll be using Slot tali's since i have abundance of it.) --- Turning any lvl Talisman onto a LvL 7 --- Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum1 l. \" {% s- ?1 d

[This can be applied for Enhancement Talisman aswell - the higher the upgrade (16/16) - Even if it's low leveled - the more Talismans you'll get]POCKIENINJA+ W; Y2 Y2 {3 l6 d! Q+ a8 P8 Y: m0 V


$ k5 h- q: P7 _! {
Side Note: Repeat process until you have had at least 3 Slot tali's for this to work

Explanation: So if you have low level Slot tali's ( from redeeming cards perhaps?? Amount given is 30 - not sure though) like the one on the picture w/c is a LvL. 5 Slot Tali, You'd Have to Slot it on to its designated equipment LvL restriction, as for this it's lvl 70 and below.. After slotting it, you'd have to extract it from the Extract Equipment Shop w/c would give you 2 Higher LvL-ed Slot Tali's from your 3 lower LvL-ed Slot Tali's. As you can see from the pic, it is from LvL. 5 to LvL. 6 Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games: Z' M/ q& t8 _0 {. f
Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games! |8 _1 P# q4 c; X4 `) e% R  w9 u  s9 E1 L7 S
" _: S1 ?) s0 l* s
Now that we've upgraded it from 5 to 6, we will now upgrade it from 6 to 7 so that we could use it to slot lvl 100 and below equipments.

Note that we were only given 2 Slot tali's from the upgrade, a repeat process has to be done so that we could have more slot tali's, at least 3 LvL. 6 Slot Tali's for this to work.6 U( x/ N) l* ^3 U& U! @$ h
! }5 X7 ^5 t) q1 i2 A
Sequence2.png C, @7 B* ?+ n. |4 }7 W T9 Q# y& _5 Z8 g
POCKIENINJA8 N9 j* g0 W6 b7 p3 C4 {

So as you can see, it is now upgraded from lvl 6 to lvl 7. Now this can be used to slot your lvl 91 sets :))POCKIENINJA8 B- g( h; @0 b  h  L+ b w' }  [) l. Z( ~
[This can be applied for Enhancement Talisman aswell - the higher the upgrade (16/16) the more Talismans you'll get]

Here's a sample pic of my old LvL 71-80 Boots:Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games3 p& f& s& o3 y6 Y) X1 O& N

boots.png 3 b3 }) q6 D. d( S5 S

Edited:$ ^5 {) e0 e: ?& B

If you want to gain more Advance Inscription TalismansBuy through TM some Low Level Talismansw/c from my server is ranged 3k-6k or Save up some then just upgrade your equips using Low level talismans until +10.. When you Try to extract them, you'd gain around 48 Advance Inscript Tali's...! e: K3 P. _+ |, k: ]# L

Here's a sample: POCKIENINJA3 y+ i6 i0 [# s

Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games* V0 z, ~7 g* P1 X6 x+ Z+ W# O

Pockie Ninja,Community,Forum- c" F$ {& e2 ^; l  C
/ b& _+ I, i! W* e0 t
Pretty much, that's it.
, J! ^8 C- r: R( s# i. L
I hope this strategy could help you on your way through the ranks. Glad you've took time reading it and I hope you learned something as well. Thank you! :)

Credit: Enzymes

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