Easter Hunting + Thieves By: GodKnows

GodKnows Easter Hunting + Thieves


1 Hit Kill Easter Bosses
1 Hit Kill Easter Thieves


Fiddler -> [DOWNLOAD]
Any Browser
GodKnows Easter Hunting + Thieves.rar [Download]


Extract the .rar file
Open Fiddler then go to Autoresponder tab
Make Sure that the "Enable Automatic Responses" and "Permit Passthrough for unmatched requests" are Checked
Drag The Extracted Files into Fiddler Autoresponder
Open Your Browser
Play Ninja Saga

Easter Boss Steps:

Go to Hunting House Then Kill All Easter Bosses

Easter Thieves Steps:

Go To Easter Event Panel.
Click collect eggs
Then click the second option (the Thieves Thingy)


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