Millionaire City | Bonus Coin Money Cheat


Credits: 19/4/2011 new value updated by agoenk


  1. Enter Millionaire City [play Millionaire City]
  2. Open Cheat Engine
  3. You will need to have ONLY ONE Triumph Arch (decoration) in your city to get the address.
  4. First scan "3500000"
  5. 2 address returned. Double click the address that ends with "7C", so it appears in the Edit table. (If you do not see any address ending with 7C, just REFRESH Millionaire City and ReScan. You should see it now)
  6. Change 7C to 9C. Meaning: xxxxx7C -> xxxxx9C
  7. Notice the value is 1. Change the value to 1000
  8. Now, enter your friend city then go back to your city
  9. Now ALL the HOUSES will have +4480 bonus. Works and Saves. Have fun
  10. Watch video if unclear (video uses old value, just replace with the updated values in the steps above)


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