【Strategy】"How to get 290 liveness

StrategyHow to get 290 liveness


1. Multiplayer/Valhallacamp(3x) (40 liveness)
    Note: Even though it says "MULTIPLAYER" you just need to enter in valhalla either alone or with a team.
    Note: You will still gain a point if you fail. 

2. Las Noches(2x) (40 liveness)
3. Outdoor/Exploring(18x) (30 liveness)
     Note: To get 18 exploring you need 9 extra keys or refreshing them which cost 12 gold/tickets.
4. Arena(10x) (40 liveness)
    Note: You just have to battle anyone in the arena.
5. Reward Quest(20x) (60 liveness)
    Note: You can claim it at the "REWARDS DISTRIBUTOR" at any towns.
    Note: When you click "AUTO-COMPLETE" beside the claim quest button you will not gain exp or stone or items.(except from the reward)
    Note: Max reward quests you can take is 20 times per day. 

6. Free Duel(10x)( 10 liveness)
    Note: Fighting in the arena doesn't count.
    Note: Max Duel is 10 times per day.
    Note: You dont have to win.

7. Smash Jars(5x) (30 liveness)
    Note: Any jar will count.
8. Slot Machine(10x) (40 liveness)
    Note: This is not the refresh button.
    Note: You have to battle them 10x to get this .
    Note: You dont have to win.
    Note: After the first try each battle will cost 3 movement.

If you have 190 liveness per day you will gain an extra(1) couponREWARDS(per day):
110 liveness = 3 gift coupons
190 liveness = 6 gift coupons
240 liveness = 9 gift coupons
290 liveness = 12  gift coupons
                         30 gift coupons
refresh explore 12 gift coupons
                        18 gift coupons
Not Counting Weekly liveness


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