Guide: Getting the orange outfit that you really want [ POCKIE NINJA ]

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I've been seeing a lot of people who doesn't know how to get the orange outfit that they want, so I've decided to write up a quick guide on how to do it.

I find a lot of people doesn't understand the stats/synthesis values yet so here are some examples

This is a 1 Stat item, the stat is circled.
All 1 stat items have a synth value of 22.

This is a 2 Stat item, the stat is circled.
All 2 stat items have a synth value of 31.

This is a 3 Stat item, the stat is circled.
All 3 stat items have a synth value of 39.

Step 1:
Fight in the arena for medal so u can open some jars.

Step 2:
Open jars in the shop until you have the following:
2 Grey outfits
2 Blue outfits
1 Blue outfit and 1 Grey outfit

Step 3:
Go to an item shop in any village or demon city and buy all of the items with 1 stat on it.

Once you have more than three items with 1 stat on it, use rapid synthesize and craft the 3 items together.
Doing this will give you 40% chance of getting a 2 stat item
You need to get two pieces of 2 stat equipment for each grey outfit.
If you run out of 1 stat items and you don't have enough 2 stat items yet, just refresh the item shop (costs less than 100 stone, goes up was you level) and buy more.
Once u have two pieces of 2 stat equipment, use rapid synthesize and put the grey outfit in the first slot, then put the two 2stat items in the second 2 slots and combine them. Doing this will give you a very high chance of getting a blue outfit (about 90%)
Repeat until you have 2 blue outfits and move on to step 4.

Step 4:
This time u need to craft some more, now you need three pieces of 2 stat items to craft into a 3 stat item (40% chance of success)
This is probably the hardest step, and it will cost the biggest chunk of your stone
Once you have a 3 stat item, just craft 2 blue outfits and 3 stat item together (outfit goes in the first box) and you have a 70% chance of success to get an orange outfit (from experience i've only failed once out of 7 tries so far)

Step 5:
Once you have your first orange outfit and it isn't the one you want, go back to the item shop and buy more 1 stat items
Put the orange outfit in the first slot and two 1 stat items in the other slots and synthesize them and you will have a 100% chance of getting another random orange outfit. Repeat until you get the one that you want.
There are no rare outfits, its all luck they all have equal chance of coming up so keep rolling until you get the one you want

Slots method:
Once you've reached level 16 and have gone to the crossroads you'll have probably seen the slot machine there.
If you join a party and beat the enemies in the slot machine they will drop 2 stat and 3 stat items.
The drops are not constant, you can have 2-3 battles where you don't get any rewards at all or get 3 items in one fight.
The slots are a very good way to get crafting materials when your low on stones

*important note* It costs 3 movement points for each slots fight, even if you are not the leader of the party. It is highly recommended to do slots in a party of at least 2 people unless you are very high level compared to the enemies inside (All enemies inside the crossroad slots are lvl 16, however they are very strong for level 16s (my lvl 26 can just barely kill all 3 without dying lol)

Short List:
1 stat item + 1 stat item + 1 stat item = 2 stat item (40% Chance)
2 stat item + 2 stat item + 2 stat item = 3 stat item (40% Chance)
Grey outfit + 2 stat item + 2 stat item = blue outfit (90% chance)
Blue outfit + Blue outfit + 3 stat item = Orange outfit (70% Chance)
Blue outfit + 3 stat item + 3 stat item = Orange outfit (80% Chance)
Orange outfit + 1 stat item + 1 stat item = Random new orange outfit (100% Chance)

Overall cost:
10,000 - 50,000 stones for each orange outfit you want, depending on luck (probably about 30,000 on average)
400-3000 medals for each orange outfit you want, depending on luck (about 1600 on average to get 2 outfits)

Important Reminder:
Also a good thing for people to know is that there is no specific way to get a characters outfit, each outfit is completely random..


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  1. i did orange outfit only for 8000 stones

  2. i did orange outfit for 5000 only (hatake kakashi) was the one i synthesized

  3. i failed with Blue outfit + Blue outfit + 3 stat item = Orange outfit

  4. yeah i spend 30000 stone to get orochimaru+1 and i get this easily.if you want come to server 2 to get 4s item with me in valhalla.and my equip is 3s except my sword(2s)

  5. Dude thank you so much man now i have a Tsunade suit I would have never been able to do this without you, Thanks!

  6. No Problem,thank's for visit..
    Please always visit THIS blog.. I will update more Strategy Pocki Ninja....

  7. Thanyou Sir! :))

  8. Thankyou for this guide now i got ichigo! :)

  9. i got jiraya for 10k of stones

  10. Thanks I Got 4th Hokage For 6k

  11. Oigan La Tecnica De Blue outfit + Blue outfit + 3 stat item = Orange outfit !! Siii Sirveee ???

  12. you are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. OKh ma lord u helped my arse throught the struggle of losing
    thnx alot!!!☻ <= Black guy smiling lol!

  14. hahahA thank You!!

  15. fuck i cant get an orange item i spend 20k now still no luck for orange item

  16. That is a great guide, did u circle the wrong things though i kept looking at that and got confused

  17. I crafted one with the short list without using any stones or gold through the newbie pack on my first day of playing.

  18. hey! I try Blue+40sv pet+40svpet= Orange outfit!!! and Blue+Blue+40svpet=Orange outfit.. Try for yourself :)

  19. yeah.. but it will cost so expensive.. The 40svpet is hard to get

  20. thx dude......this guide help me alot......


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