[ Strategy Pockie Ninja ] Choosing the Right Pet for your character

In this article, I will be listing and describing a few of the mostpopular pets and their uses. Pets are a crucialpart of any build, no matter how weird….. or funny they may look. I will be listing out a few basic builds, and pets and pet skills that synergize with them. 

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Dodgers 2 O# D" E/ n- f  W
These guys boast a large amount of dodge. At the higher levels, most of the damage is done by DoT, namely Death Mirage Jutsu. They are usually very fragile, and depend heavily on dodge to keep themalive while picking away at the opponent. It is because of this that the Potato and theChanneling pets are best. Suppression is a must for the potato pet.The main four passives you should be getting are Sharpness, Sharpness[E], Nimble,and Nimble[e]. For channeling, Nihility is a must as well. The rest of the passives are up to you, although hit is always a nice bonus. 
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These guys depend on their high damage towin them the battle. The Dragon pet,with its icy breath and nice GB passives are a clear choice. 4 of the passives can actually be dedicated to GB. Disarm, Disarm[E], Dash, and Dragon Might. The other two are up to you, whether you want speed, attack, hit, etc. ' I; p, Q1 ]5 K4 f( M# q
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Survivability is key, and the Riceball and even Sushi pet does the trick here. For support skills, get HP restorefor the riceball pet, and the sushi pet has MP restore, I believe. Both have sacrifice as an aura skill, and the support skill is the only differentiating factor. Instead of healing HP, the sushi pet restores MP. Using this pet is an example of metagaming. The sushi pet provides an advantage over other chakra eatingtanks, or other chakra eaters in general. Keep in mind, that the sushi pet should only be used in high levels, when the standard speedster isn’t too muchof a threat. Both the sushi and the riceball passives should be the same: Vivacious,Vivacious[E], Thick Skin, Thick Skin[E], coupled with preferably aiming device,and outfit clone. 
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Some other viable pets:
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Vulture: Tanks hate this pet almost as muchas the dragon. Can really pack a nasty “bleed”.6 Q1 i- W  O4 H' L1 v

Corn: Effective at doing damage, but not aseffective as the dragon pet. 
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P.S. If the Azure dragon really has the same ability as the corn pet, then that explains why, in the Chin .ese servers, there aren’t any users. 
2 k/ `1 L8 m) Y; l& P/ a
Go here to find out what to do, once you find your pet.

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