[ Strategy Pockie Ninja ] How to use Transfer Shop at Armory

Having problems with Transfer Shop quick easy guide on how to use, cons and pros on using...9 Z: e& h, A- k5 s! [- @

0 O3 V% `0 D9 a( V' M
first look for Armory enter armory shop
6transfer.png * u1 l( Y/ x# t& _* d. _/ w3 e
9 F* ]* E2 T% _4 J- ?' H( y8 n% J" k
3 O2 I# x, V" G; w& B8 u. O
next new box will appear insert any suit you want to change (blue or orange)
3 y% b5 @0 m* Y) y* u- m
transfer.png 9 P& ^( ?! [+ T( [& l) K

1transfer.png . r/ o4 a0 Z5 F" _# H6 f: X

inserts outfit you, click (?) box to choose male/female outfit you would like to make. Once chosen outfit is click choose how much you would like to spend to try to look for the outfit (DO NOT SPEND OVER 10K STONE WASTE OF MONEY). Q2 x' F: i6 w! B. N

2transfer.png 7 K3 E  ?6 q6 J; ?( ^' _

: j7 k* r8 R. C$ }" ]/ h/ D
4transfer.png ) `1 K& X0 `" X& h5 }5 t2 \

i will not give out the % for this till more test are done (cost per automatic 800+ stones, test for manual change 800+) personally i did 10k stone looking for zabusa wasted all the 20k didn't receivezabusa and ended up with sasori..
% B; j1 C' C5 G9 Y6 `- D
same cost as randome search for outfit...so i say using transfer shop is a waste of stone ...i will leave it up to you if this addition of the game is good or waste of are money (stone)2 z8 h3 g& B5 `4 J- o* K8 x
8 }& J1 l1 u: ~& N
Pros of using Transfer Shop
-make the suit you want
-lucky if it cost under what it cost you normally' O' o& t) P* _: H) Y( b
5 T) t  O. @& x+ }; M2 C( `
Cons of using Transfer Shop% n2 K9 y3 F9 Y% O$ a5 E
-hard to make the outfit you want 
-cost to much stones
^Failed thing

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