[ Strategy Pockie Ninja ] Upgrading Gear As You Level - Efficiently

In order to be able to understand all of this you need to already have knowledge of synthesis, and how to really make sure your gear works well with your character. This is a guide to help save coupons/gold when it comes to re-gearing as you level up, especially in higher levels.& N, B' J; P/ v& Q- T: p
+ N0 y0 v/ ?/ _9 P/ T
I'm going to focus on only 4s equipment.1 u/ k% S8 x: t. w8 c# ~
  n2 E7 X# ~. E( Q

% b6 ]& {6 S3 o, F
Step 1: Make a full set of 4s gear " {) W  Z. X6 M5 [" _
Pretty self-explanatory. You should be using a full set of 4s by the time you are in the 40's/50's and higher. If not, you should think about upgrading as soon as possible.

This guide should help you make your 4s and get it into your current level range:$ Z9 e" s/ L* r3 ~
Upgrading your 4s
8 M9 Q. S" v9 s, U
Step 2: Get at least one extra 4s' z/ y! c* o% d5 Z* p8 U7 K  t" a
In order to prevent lacking of one piece of equipment during the upgrade you really need one or two spare 4s. You'll use this item until you get what you need.
) _3 G. D( ?. J( _* ]0 j) H4 U
Step 3: Re-roll the spare
When you hit level 49 you'll probably already have a full set of equipment for your current level set and have to start working on higher level gear. What you do in this case is just continuously re-roll this spare item. The fact that you aren't yet wearing any gear from the next level set..it won't really matter what piece of equipment you prepare next.
7 v8 X* m% v) z# l& ?! b
Because of this fact you can just use the 4s+2s+1s formula over and over. Normally you may be looking for one specific piece of gear so you can refine it. That is not the case in this guide. Even if you prefer a 53 helm, you are going to keep re-rolling even if you get it. 

While it may take time and stones to do this over and over, you have a lot of time to spare in the higher level ranges to do this. You can roll a 4s+2s+1s over and over until you get ANY piece of gear in your upcoming level range. This will save gold/coupons and give you something to work to when leveling.
- ~5 Z+ `# T6 D+ D8 E3 Z- O9 Y3 F
Step 4: Replace the spare+ K8 i. j$ x6 l3 }2 G$ v
When you eventually roll the item to what you are looking for and are able to replace it, you can use the 4s that you take off as the new spare. If you roll a level 54 talisman, you can take off the 44 talisman and then begin to repeat step 3 until you come across something else that you need.7 a7 R8 F+ z, @* d+ u
5 P0 |! n: w* P4 D0 L$ J4 O
The reason I recommended possibly having two spare 4s is because you may end up getting a really nice belt..but will have to wait until you've passed the level requirement for all your other gear to wear it [this happened to me]. In this case you'll want a second spare to work on an earlier requirement piece of gear.
. @6 y7 `& k7 s  a5 B2 L- t

Notes:/ ^( Z& b( j4 k. v( @; ~
Now, this may not seem practical to most..but it really does work. I am currently wearing extremely nice level 60 gear and I have not refined a single piece. Using this method I have synthed my current weapon, talisman, armor, helm, and belt. Unfortunately at this point you may need to use refine to get the last few pieces of gear together, but the coupons/gold that you saved making the first 3-5 pieces of gear should allow you many more tries to refine the perfect items for your set.

In a way, you can think of this method as simply a different way to refine. Rather than change just the stats when looking for ONE specific piece of equipment, you are really only focusing on the stats here and ignoring what the actual gear type is. 8 c: w7 [  R; y7 ^- Z

It's pretty late here. I'll read this over tomorrow to make sure I explained everything clearly, although most of you high levels reading this should pretty much get what I'm talking about. Any comments/suggestions are appreciated.

Credit : Beacham

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