[ Strategy Pockie Ninja ] Getting the Perfect Pet on Pockie Ninja (Advanced)

Getting the Perfect Pet

Pets are a crucial part of any build, no matter how weird or funny they may look. Pets can also be pretty expensive to make,unfortunately. The “perfect” pet should also be made in the higher levels, but can be started much lower. By perfect pet, I mean one that has both the regular and the [E] version of the desired stats, for all stats needed. The explained technique in this article is the most dependable method in doing this… Luck is not the sole factor in this method’s success, but because of this, it can get very very expensive. This article is pretty long as well, because attaining “pet perfection” is a very long process. In advance, I apologize for any spacing discrepancies in this article…. For some reason, the forum removes some spaces randomly. Anyways, lets get started.
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We first need to plan out what pet we want. This includes the pet itself, as well as the skills you need. Keep in mind, you cannot mess up at all, because if you do, itis very expensive and difficult to fix. In this article, I will be using a 2-2-3 pet(2 aura, 2 aid, 3 passive), and will end up as at most, 5-5-6 at +18.I find that this is the most effective way in getting the skills you need. Keep looking for the pet you need, and once you find one, go ahead and put it in the kernel. 

Now, you just need to feed it. Choosing a +0pet is best, because the hunger is easiest to fulfill. In order to get theperfect pet, you will most likely need to feed it many many times, and theamount of food you could have saved adds up. We will first work on the passives,the hardest part. Once you satiated its hunger, learn a passive skill. Keepfeeding and learning skills until you have all three filled out. Now, we arelooking for skills you can ONLY get from feeding. For example, take a riceball,and aim for vivacious. Not the [E] version, just the regular one. Unless youreally want to push your luck, ONLY get the skills you can only get by feeding.I can’t stress this enough. Each skill slot is crucial. Once you get one of theneeded regular skills, lock it and continue feeding, until you get two, andthen lock both and continue feeding if you want three. This is not cheap… butit doesn’t risk your hard-earned skills. This process can take a very longtime, which is why it should be started early. You can, of course, choose tospeed up this process by “digesting” and using beans/watermelon to feed.However, it can get very expensive. Planning early greatly reduces the cost! Only three “regular” passives should be learned; there are only six available slots,so at the max, three regular can be learned so that the three [e] versions should finish. it.
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Now that you have all the regular skills you need, start on the aid part. Feed like before, and learn two skills. You are,again, looking for skills you can only learn from feeding. For example,absolute loyalty is one. Attack is not. Once you find a skill you need, lock it, and feed it to find another. For example, for riceball, you want to get heal and abs loyalty. Once you find one, lock it, and keep learning till you find the other. Note, this is so you can learn the exact skills you want. There are far fewer aid skills, so chance-wise, it is highly likely you will get what you want when 5-6 slots are opened. However, using this method guarantees that you learn the skills you need. 

When finished, we now go to the aura section. Simply keep feeding and learning until you get the needed skill thatrequires the aura to work. For example, the heal for the riceball. We are just looking for that one skill, so pet locks are not needed. Once done, we can now start +ing the pet. Keep in mind that every +3, a skill slot can be opened. Open the aid skills only, because we can continue learning skills for it. [This part is optional, because there are only 7 possible aid skills, so the 5-6 are very likely to have what you want. However, fortune for artificial pets is worthless, so you can perform this process if you really don't want to risk it.] After opening one, learn a skill. If that wasn't what you wanted, lock both of the preexisting skills, and learn another. If that wasn’t what you wanted, continue the process. After you get 3 of the skills you want(still excluding dragon’s ice breath or attack/block), you can try for a 4th. Make your pet +6 and then open another aid. It is unfortunate that you can only lock two skills, because now is when you start gambling. Learn a skill, and pray that the open slot is filled with a desirable skill. If not, you’re going to have to lock 2 needed skills, and then learn another skill. Pray that your other wanted skill is not replaced, and if the unwanted is, that the skill it gets replaced with is desirable. If your prayers are not answered, you’re going tohave to keep locking those two skills and feeding till you get what you want.Really really expensive, I told you. :[ You could of course, be a daredevil,and not use locks, but there is always the chance that it could backfire, and end up costing much more in the long-run. Remember to leave enough slots open for the skills you can learn from books. For example, only learn 2-3 other aidskills for the dragon, if you want attack, block, and icy breath. Also keep in mind that you can only open 9more slots, leaving 2 still locked. We want 6 passives, so only 6 slots can be opened for both aura and aid.

After the aid skills are finished, we cannow go back to the passives. + your pet until you can open all three slots, andthen it is time to buy books. Buy the pet type specific books from the mall,and the [E] skills from Valhalla. This ensuresthat you get every single skill you want…. Expensive, yes, but you won’t haveto touch your pet again.
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+ your way all the way to 18. Now, it istime to go back to the aura row. We kept the number of skills open to two onpurpose… Now it is time to get expert aura. Lock your wanted skill, and keeplearning till you get it. You can use the same process we used for the supportskills to learn some aid ones, but unless you want specific ones, you cansimply just open a slot, learn, open a slot, learn, so no locks are needed.6 b2 @" j* r* }' O

Whew, so now your pet has every single skillthat you wanted. You don’t have to touch your pet ever again. Simply equip it,and marvel at how perfect it is. xD This method, again, is the most surefireway to get the perfect pet. It is not the cheapest, but it is the least risky,and it guarantees that you will succeed.

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