[ Strategy Pockie Ninja ] Credit Event Guide to Get reward

The reward :

Since not everyone spent gold on this game; B; b: E; E% A7 l
Lets look at how a non-gold user can maximize the current event.

You can get Credit by do Serial activities:! V+ \0 U! z+ y3 t  K1 a$ m
4 {$ H: ^3 }% \2 g! |1 k" P

Daily rewards:
100 move daily + 2 Toad Arcanum = 120 Movement points5 ]3 n" b. N7 M1 {/ `. B: ]
# }9 U8 D5 s0 }" D& S/ o) ]
120 move = 40 slots = 40 points8 |: W; K5 T. t$ o. K8 ?( z
20 arena challanges = 20 points% n% A) [% o4 t
Smash 5 jars =  10points
# c- C* @$ w9 \# c2 `
Total: 70 credits daily (2 eggs to smash)
- Your Investment is only 2 Toad Arcanum per day+ @' D6 G8 m1 q( p  }
- The rest are related daily activities in Ninja Diary, @9 C) s. s. ]! P

Remember to smash you bronze and silver eggs daily
- Think of them as compensation for your Toad Arcanum
- The rewards I got today is below expectation, but something is better then nothing.
. L; [+ G2 q! n: r4 |  p0 j
: `7 m$ A1 T* _
7-Day rewards:
1 day: 70 credits
7 Days: 490 credits

Now if you gain another 10 credits (total 500 credits for the 7-Day reward)
- You gain 100 coupons + 2x Lv10 stone bags
2 c" o  [3 X/ z2 s! \
The extra 10 credits can be gain in multiple ways  M7 A* f; b! ~& o$ P# m2 k% T
- If you lack creativity, just use 3 more Toad Arcanum for 10 more times at slots.) B" T1 R4 j& ?' V( k& S
- Do remember this last 10 credits, or you might end up crying    
- l1 j6 Y+ B) R0 C
3 I" f8 d- j3 q0 n. I/ z( L
The event last for 5 weeks (please note the starting and ending dates)/ a1 _" ^) X5 Z- b
Total rewards:

- You gain 500 coupons + 10x Lv10 stone bags
- Lv10 stone bags give 100k stones, so you gain a grand total of 1 million stones.
- Not to mention all the eggs you get daily.
" C( h5 y! x' o; y% b9 O
This is quite a sum I would say

A little FAQ
1. How to get toad Arcanum?
0 P4 `( o! N( c. x6 ]# }( E' U
Carrier Bag + 1s +1s= Focus Potion# Q% q2 N1 U' Y# q( a7 u) e4 z! a. I7 h
Focus Potion +1s +1s= Konoha Arcanum
Konoha Arcanum +1s +1s = Toad Arcanum
/ M3 q4 g: |- d( ~+ F. T
Where to get them?
- Bounty Quest -> Visit Residents
- Area Exploration
( Y, j" f6 A  R9 C. [0 Z! q
Although these are common knowledge between higher-leveled player
' q0 |$ S% a6 E  q( I" o8 D& \
! n3 @% ]9 @5 A/ [
2. Don't have enough medals to smash jars. - T5 I1 L0 }3 C- g# x# e, H9 d+ [

If you don't have enough medals, work around the problem.
A. Start by hogging those medals, use your village if you must, but start gathering them.2 r; r, A4 c% Q% W
B. Get more Toad Arcanums

For 5 jars daily, You will need 7000 medals for a 7-Day reward, better start counting.7 k1 }& K: b. E. H" u
- Each arena battle gives you medals (depending on rank)
- Ranking up by beating the cat gives a good amount of medals
- Higher rank = more medals per fight

World Cup / National Cup:7 o: C. u% `( }' q2 M7 P
- Winning matches in these also give you medals) d: O; P$ E' ~" C8 m7 ?: X

Following on:
Credits you lack from jars, you make up with slots
- You need 3 Toad Arcanums for 10 credits
- You can also try upgrading you pet/outfit for extra credits.

3. Don't have resources to fulfill 7-Day reward?
If you don't have enough medals / Toad Arcanum / outfits... etc* E- q' b) c& Q  D& i
! O( x7 @/ p  _; r2 ~/ o' }3 Z
Make the painful decision, lower your target for the current 7-Day reward. d7 s/ Q$ o4 s$ |+ C
- Try to make the decision early, so you can start saving for the next 7-Day reward5 s( k% G& G- D. _* Z
- If you decide early, you reduce resource consumption and focus on the future/ L' k8 Y" [+ Y/ N9 d7 U
0 ~0 ?6 f3 \/ c
100 move = 30 slots = 30 credits
20 arena challenges = 20 credits

>> These numbers can be achieved by anyone... even if you just started playing

Daily = 50 credits
7 Days = 350 credits

By achieving at least 300 credits for the 7-Day reward,% y  Q: g- U" X- w1 A
- You get half the amount of coupons and stones, but gain a pet skill lock :lol: L/ M' y2 J& b7 H$ K  n1 v

: Y+ j* ^  W% w/ K* G" T9 j; f
FAQ Add-on
How to check your daily credits
1. Go try and smash the Freedom Egg (highest level egg)
2. Get the error message of not enough credits5 W  [0 w- b; j1 R
3. Now, Check you history page
5 ?7 [$ N2 o5 S
Step 1 and 2 are to update your history page,
- If you just check your history it might not be updated.9 `( u! F' o/ i2 @( U' L
- Don't trust the 0 credits pop-up, it always shows 0 for me.6 X6 j* ?  g+ Y3 T/ x# Q& n

How do I check my weekly credits3 i0 ]% R5 b) w# y( V
I don't know, will update when I do know.! L# j5 @" u9 o& v
- For now: Use pen + paper, WRITE down your daily gains and add them up.- t7 F/ ^% M2 y( `$ S5 t* Z' H, h

Credit: Roulette

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