Info Special Jounin Exam [ Ninja Saga ]

Nih info Kapan keluar Exam2 Special Jounin.. Silahkan di baca..!!

-Stage 1 Chapter 1 | 22/06/2011 -> Intelligence Mission.

-Stage 1 Chapter 2 | 24/06/2011 -> Attack with "Genan" Info:his Good in Genjutsu. also has two puppets around him

-Stage 2 Chapter 1 | 26/06/2011 -> Sensor Mission

-Stage 2 Chapter 2 | 28/06/2011 -> Attack with "Akazosu" Info:I can see his body is in flame, also he can use four knives! His attack must be very powerful!

-Stage 3 Chapter 1 | 30/06/2011 -> -

-Stage 3 Chapter 2 | 02/07/2011 -> Attack with "Butterfly Sage" Info:She has butterfly wings on his back and she can use Wind Release! His ninjutsu might harm your whole team, be aware!

-Stage 4 Chapter 1 | 04/07/2011 -> Inteligence Mission

-Stage 4 Chapter 2 | 06/07/2011 -> Attack with "Kuken" Info:She carries a giant sword, and her Kenjutsu is extremely good! I barely see her moves, because she is too fast! She probably as strong as me, I could have captured her if she didn't flee.

-Stage 5 Chapter 1 | 08/07/2011 -> -

-Stage 5 Chapter 2 | 10/07/2011 -> Attack with "Ninja Panda" Info:They struggled to make him seriously injured. But it released a much stronger power and got away!

-Stage 6 Chapter 1 | 12/07/2011 ->Sensor Mission -> Kekkai -> About with "Bull Mask"It's believed that someone wants to release this beast out. According to former Kage, this beast looks like a bull except it has a pair of solid horns and a tail that drills into any metal! But only the elders know its existence

-Stage 6 Chapter 2 | 14/07/2011 ->Attack with "Captain Of The Force of Yami"He can produce large Chakra attacks and Time-Space Ninjutsu. He might be the one who wants to release our beast out. Who can he be? How did he know about that beast?

All Stage must Finish Before 31/07/2011

Yang tidak tau artinya silahkan translate sendiri.

credit: Kobe Lim/Jeff Hac

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