[ Cheat Ninja Saga ]Easter event extended : Easter Egg hunting,Mother's Day,Gashapon,Easter Package,Items Package By: [ SZ ]


Fiddler = [ DOWNLOAD ]
Swf files = [ Download ]

1. Easter Eggs Hunting
2. Mother's Day
3. Gashapon Machine
4. Special Easter Package
5. Newbie Items Package

1. Drop All swf Files To Fiddler (auto responder tab)
2. Force Traffic To Fiddler On Your Browser
3. Enter Ninja Saga
4. Choose Your Character
5. Start Collecting Easter Valuable Items!


Credits: Hayate22

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  1. Force Traffic To Fiddler. whats that means ?

  2. in mozila firefox : click tools > klik monitor with fidller > klik force traffic to fiddler / autamatic use fiddler (Automatic recomended)

  3. klo fiddler gak bisa gimana tolong di balas secepatnya


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