[ Pockie Ninja ] Outfit Collection System

You can Record 3 Type of Outfit: Gray, Blue, Orange.

Outfit Collection Interface.
Only Level 25 or higher can use this System, Click the "Coat..." button in your Bag.

What i understand: Outfit will be sacrificed to the System, in return you gain Stats depending on the outfit.

Outfit Requirement:

1- Only +2 or higher outfit can be recorded into outfit list!
2- Same Outfit cannot be recorded twice.

Outfit List Unlock/Close/Replenish

Remaining days:
1- Cannot "Unlock" Outfit list Attibute if Remaining days=0.
2- If Remaining days is 1 or higher. Can "Unlock" Outfit list Attribute, Will Obtain Bonus Stats in every battle, will automaticly Close when Remaining days reach 0.
3- Outfit list can also be closed manually.

1- Need to use corresponding color of +0 or higher outfit(Bound/Unbound) when replenishing.
2- Each +0 or higher Outfit will replenish 7 Remaining days. Replenished days can be accumulated, Remaining days will only decrease when you "Unlock" Outfit list Attritute.

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