Strategy] Best -[PRO]- *SECRETS* In Pockie Ninja! Enjoy ^_^

Hello Ninjas,
Welcome to Little Ninja Camp! Where you will discover many hidden secrets this game beholds.

Each of the following Sections, is Split/Organized in such a way, that it almost forces you to read each section, this way you do not miss anything! Enjoy and Goodluck, oh. And Your Welcome ^_^

BTW! Just a note, there at 2 posts open and available for further input towards this guide that i will be adding! Check back for updates, as well you can leave a suggestion for further content you would like me to discuss ^_^

Table Of Contents:

- Using Medals for Exp  - //POST #1
- Arena Judges - //POST #1

- Refreshing/Speeding Up Fights - //POST #2
- Demon Proofs - // POST #2

- Get RICH Guide - // POST #3
- Things [To/Not To] Spend Your Coupons On - // POST #3

- Pet Secrets/Tips - // POST #4
- Synthesis Secrets -  //POST #4


I. [Using Medals For Exp] 

When starting in the arena, the game system will provide you with a basic tutorial on using [ARENA MEDALS] to open a jar, for the cost of 200 [ARENA MEDALS].

- The System, will tempt you to use them, for obtaining Outfits through Jars, aswell as being awarded prizes for opening the most amount of jars in the Day. [IGNORE IT]

These Medals, are your precious key to leveling up, and becoming a very strong surviving Ninja in this fast paced growing world.

- When reaching new Ranks in the arena, you will receive a higher [EXCHANGE RATE] for your [ARENA MEDALS] which you can turn into [EXPERIENCE!]

The Arena, is Designed like this:
Elementary I, II, II, IV
Junior [PREP], I, II, III
Senior I, II, II
College I, II, II
Master I, II, II
*will update remaining when i get home* ^_^

*Tip: Save ALL of your medals, until you reach Principal Rank, which is the Final Rank. At this point, you will have THE BEST [EXCHANGE RATE] for all of your [ARENA MEDALS] you have saved. This will give you a HUGE ADVANTAGE against other players! It will take some time, but if you follow my [ARENA JUDGES] Guide, you will get there in no time! ^_^


What Are Arena Judges? *Common Question*


- These little monsters, are very well designed beasts. When you fight them, they will instantly be better then you in EVERY way shape/form. They will use YOUR SKILLS, YOUR STATS, YOUR PET, and haveBETTER [HP] and BETTER ATTACK!


How Can I Find Them? How DO We Kill Them?!*Common Question*

The reason that judges show up is because there are no opponents high enough RANK left to face, they are a default to facing nothing, thats why if you start in as soon as the server starts out at lvl 6 and beat the first 3 sets of people the second set of people has judges, same thing with high levels, if there are no higher people then you or very few there will be lots of judges to make up the spots.


SKILLS: Pre-Healing Jutsu, Static Shield, Flying Lightning God.
PET: HEALING PET - (RiceBall Monster)

YES, only 3 skills. SO: HOW DOES THIS WORK? *Common Question*

Lets Start, with the question everyones going to ask:
1) Wont my opponents DESTROY me in the Arena, seeing im wearing a grey outfit 0+, and im naked, with NO SKILLS! *AHH*? No, if you un-equip your gear/pet/outfit, aswell as your skills IN the arena, you are given a pop-up option that you will hit [CANCEL] on, that denys them to update your equipment.

A Fight, can only last 60 rounds *(MAX)*. This Skill setup is designed to LOCK the battle up, for 60 rounds. The player with the MOST HP LOSS at the end of the fight, [LOSES]

SO: Lets say, YOU are going to arena, to do this trick.

YOU, start the fight with 1000 HP.
Judge, start the fight with 1500 HP.

2 Ways to win. 
1) Your HP is full, Static Shield is ON. = WIN!
2) Your HP is not full, Static Shield is ON, However YOUR [HP LOSS] is [LESS THEN] the judges = WIN
3) Healing pet, pretty much takes care of any lost damage you have encountered. which = WIN! ;)

1 Way to lose
1) Your HP LOSS is [GREATER THAN] the judges when your STATIC shield goes on.

TIP: Having the HEALING pet for the trick is crucial, if you have it [WITH 10% HP RESTORE SKILL] you will win, 90% of the time. If you do not have the pet, it is no problem, however your % success rate will drop slightly to roughly 70% of wins. which still is not bad. [A LOSS = ranges pts from - 1 to - 6]. [A WIN = ranges pts from +11 to +33]. Works out even if u lose, in the end
III. [Refreshing/Speeding Up Fights]

- Continuing on from [ARENA JUDGES] - when your static shield goes on *REFRESH THE PAGE*it will reload the server, and you will not have to watch the full 60 rounds! By the time the static shield goes on, you will already know*From what you have learned thus far, weither or not you have WON/LOSS*

- Ever wish your [SLOTS] fights could go faster?! 

IF: Your solo'ing a [SLOTS] Zone, you can *REFRESH THE PAGE* after you have scene 2 rounds of battle.
IF: Your in a GROUP for [SLOTS] Zone, you can *REFRESH THE PAGE* after 2 rounds, HOWEVER, when your server refreshes, you will be kicked from the group.

NOTE/WARNING: Refresh Trick, DOES NOT work with Valhalla 

TIP: The refresh trick, CAN work with Las Noches, if Manual Training gets to Tedious for you, however the timeframe between the refresh and actually finishing out the fight is roughly similar, best to just enjoy the show here!

IV. [Demon Proofs]

^_^ Just a HINT: This is my FAVORITE part of the game!

Demon Proof Tickets, are the most [ADVANCED] way of Leveling in little ninja. You can obtain the [RAREST] of Items and can ultimately control your future of being the highest level in the game, if you can master collecting Demon Proofs.

Notice/WARNING: When i say [ADVANCED], i mean it in a literal sense. It is not easy to make these, it is time consuming/costly.

However, i can give you the best tips and tricks i use to make as many as possible per day.

I Will not give %'s here, because when it comes to demon proofs, i dont take shortcuts. 
  1. 1s + 1s + 1s = 2s
  2. Anonymous Name-card + 2s + 2s = Grenade
  3. Grenade + (32 synthetic value) + (32 synthetic value) = Demon Proof Ticket
Copy Code
- There are other mixed formulas that you can use for the above, but i do not suggest them because of the poor % rates/waste of stones.
NOTE: Best USE for 32 synthetic value items are: enchantment stones, FOOD from item mall, FOOD from events.

TIPS: Just to note items that you can get from these demon proof fights: Lucky Gems, 1-4s gear, enchantment stones. are among the most useful of its benefits. MY BEST TIP i can give you though, is COLLECT them for a long time, until you can get to 50-100 proofs before you go hunting. The higher level you are, the higher the exp you will receive. Also best to mix in on days with DOUBLE experience Bonus's [OR] DAILY EVENT with using Demon Proofs! BEST OF LUCK!

V. [Get RICH Guide]

One of the most Controversial subjects regarding this game.

What do you need stone for?
  1. 1) Hording the stone, to control RANK 1-10 for richest player in game!
  2. 2) Allowing myself to not have to use gold to purchase my outfits!
  3. 3) Synthing! Im a CraZy Synther!
Copy Code

- For now, i can answer for those 3 type of players~ *because i've been all 3*

1. - [Hording] 

The basic hoarder, is ultimately looking for a quick fix of HUGE amounts of stone income.

- if you a gold user, the BEST way to make stone is the 18g JARS. Spamming these, can get you endless amount of OUTFITS, which in turn, can be sold for TONS of stone in the open [TRADE MARKET].

2. [Stone Saving for Outfits]

Although its not recommended by me, because the main use i use stone for personally is Demon Proof Tickets, i know there are players who strive heavily on purchasing there outfits. *IVE BEEN THERE* so ill give you a bit of advice:
  1. - Valhalla, offers you 3 tries per day. Valhalla Hard Camp, being able to beat at lvl 16+ can give you 5-6k stone PER TRY. giving you 15k minimum a day to toy with. this is the key factor to making money.

  2. - Explore Quests, offer a flip-a-card type game, that has the ability to discover stone! each zone has a set stone amount roughly around 1000 stone, give or take
  3. - Main/Branch/Education QUESTS - DO all of your quests! not only do they keep you busy, but if you dont think about it, then you look up at your stone, your like "WOW IM RICH" the stone build-up from quests, is fast and very helpful! *DO YOUR QUESTS!*
Copy Code

 [Crazy Synth Costs >_<]

Isnt it rediculous, how the synthesis cost goes up incriments of 10 EVERYTIME you do a synch. 
- I personally stop when my synthesis cost gets to 500-600 tops, but i hear players going to 1000-2000.*STOP IT*

Your wasting stone. The server resets every 24 hours, giving you a cool down period for your synthing cost.
- One of the key factors to my success with synthing items and not worrying about the cost at high synth times, is doing [REWARD QUESTS] for [IRON ORE]. This quest gives you roughly 2000-3000 stone, per quest. Only usually costing you 400-500 total stone to finish the quest, and its very simple.

- How do we do the iron ore quest? *Common Question*
  1. Weapon + Weapon disassemble formulae + Weapon disassemble formulae 
  2. Armor + Armor dissasemble + Armor disassemble
  3. Accesory + Accesory dissassemble + Accesory Dissassemble
Copy Code
These "dissassembly scrolls" are found in the merchant Item Shop, you will constantly come accross them when you are refreshing the shop. They are FREE so grab everyone you can even if you dont want them, GRAB THEM, because eventually you will.

Here is a picture of what the synthesis proccess should look like:

TIP: I DO NOT reccommend going for "RARE" iron ore quests, very stupid to waste time/energy and recourses on these quests, save your grenades for use with demon proofs!

VI. [Things [To/Not To] Spend Your Coupons On]

In the beginning of the game, you are granted with a large amount of [GIFT COUPONS] which needed to be treated like gold!*(REAL GOLD, NOT MMORPG GOLD)*^_^

***Lets start with the DON'Ts***

1) DO NOT - spend your coupons on AUTO-FINISHING [REWARD QUESTS], use the AUTO-COMPLETE feature that takes 30 minutes to complete the reward quest.

2) DO NOT - spend your coupons in the [ITEM MALL], Other then the 1 quest that requires a purchase from the item mall, the mall is too pricey and those items are more "flashy" then what they are truly worth. If i had to suggest 1 item to purchase, it is the [HALL TRAINING EXP SEAL] giving 1.3x exp while training AFK in the HALL for 8 hours.

3) DO NOT - spend your coupons on [PET KENNEL] AUTO DIGEST - Wait the 2 hours, keep a pet in there and forget about him for the time.

4) DO NOT - spend your coupons on [ARMORY] advancements, such as refine/enhance/enchant/slot. At low levels its very pointless, later in the game it may be worth it to purchase gold to use the [ARMORY] however, coupons should stay entirely away from this place!

5) DO NOT - spend your coupons on [SKILL RESETTING] - This is a very COMMON huge waste of coupons. The only reason you should EVER need to reset your skills, is to change your *SKILL PASSIVES*, which should not be even attempted until lvl 28+ at level 28, you unlock a 3rd passive, giving you more worth for the reset! Players unlock [ALL SKILLS] at lvl 41. Which could easily be gotten to, in 1 week.

Things you should only use these coupons for:

1) Finishing Chain Attacks - the time spent on a chain attack can be up to 2 hours for 30 kills. There is no reason you should wait this long, use coupons on these!

2) Unlock further Explorations/Discovery Zones! - These zones offer great rewards, it costs 12 coupons per refresh which can add up. But this is definitly worth the use.

3) Purchase Exp Seals! - The ONLY items you should touch in the ITEM MALL are the experience seals. There is one for [EXP X2], and an experience seal for [8-HOUR HALL TRAINING]

NOTE:^^ These 3 main things, will be entirely what you use coupons on, DAILY. Which is why it is crucial you save your coupons. You DO NOT want to get stuck in the mess of running out of being able to finish these tasks.

TIP: My Personal "Splurg" if you will, is buying the [BLOCK] Skill for your pet. It is expensive, it costs 188 Coupons. However, this skill is very tedious to obtain using [Pet Skill Discovery] and can ultimately be more costly in the long run trying to Discover it our right. After Reading my [Pet Secrets] Portion, you will know weither or not this skill is for you!
VII. [Pet Secrets/Tips]

There are MANY guides on forums, regarding pets skills etc blah blah blah, what they all don't tell you is, WHICH pet is best for YOUR build! (AND WHY)

- *EVERY PET* Has the ability to learn basic community skills, but certain pets hold a "secret technique" of there own, which can become very useful pertaining to certain builds. 

- *Community Skills EVERY Pet Should-Have*:
  1. AURA- (Entirely Dependant on WHICH Pet Is Used)

  2. AID - (SUPRESS - Lower % for enemy pet to launch skills), (ABSOLUTE LOYALTY - Increase YOUR Pets % to Launch Skills), (BLOCK - 10% chance to block ENEMY'S turn)

  3. PASSIVE - (BARKS ARMOR - +80 Def), (CHARGE - +68 ArmorBreak), (FEROCIOUS - +10% ATTACK)
Copy Code
*Pro Pets - AURAS

  1. RiceBall Monster  - REBIRTH AURA + SACRIFICE, When HP is BELOW 20%, Aura will initiate 15% of your [MAX HP] returned.
Copy Code
  1. Toadling  - INTELLIGENCE AURA + MYSTERIOUS TECHNIQUE, Have a chance to cast without consuming chakra or dodge HP damage
Copy Code


  1. Corn Pet - Combo - 17% chance to attack enemy twice

  2. Vulture Pet - Peck - 21% chance to inflict [Bleed] on enemy

  3. Sweet Potato Pet - Supression - 16% chance to Daze the enemy*works like [Great Strength]
Copy Code
  1. RiceBall Monster - HP Restore - 11% chance to restore up to 10% of owners [MAX HP]
Copy Code
  1. Dragon Pet - Icey Breath - *Become effective after learning attack skill* Great chance to freeze the opponent for 3 seconds
Copy Code
TIP: The [ATTACK] Skill is very BAD to have unless you have special/counter skills which need it to be activated(IE: Dragon pet needs [ATTACK]) Otherwise, this skill *CANCELS* ((ANY)) Additional Attack move you may have in your skill build, which can be a big negative. High Level 18+ Pets/Pros from Chinese Server [DO-NOT] Use Attack for this Reason.

FINAL WORD ON PETS: These pets listed above, show greatness above the rest, there is however the balance between gameplay that we are all not "clones" following one guide or following a group of players using the same pet, however at this very moment in the gameplay and for the imediate future of the game*regarding chinese version* THESE PETS stand above the rest in power.

VIII. [Synthesis Secrets]

hmm, so you want to know how to make the best possible gear? and want to know some other nifty secrets with synthing that arent even published anywhere in these forums ^_^

3s Formulas to know:
  1. 2s(lvl 24) + 3s(lvl 16) + (32 synthetic value) = 3s(lvl 24) *This formula will be used for leveling up your current 3s

  2. 3s + 1s + 1s = 3s * This formula will be used for CHANGING the current 3s, (IE: from [SHOES] to [Weapon])
Copy Code
4s Formulas to know:
  1. 3s(lvl 41) + 4s(lvl 35) + lucky gem = 4s(lvl 41) *This formula will be used for leveling up your current 4s
  2. 3s(lvl 41) + 4s(lvl 35) + orange outfit = 4s(lvl 41) *This formula will be used for leveling up your current 4s

  3. 4s + 2s + 2s = 4s *This formula will be used for CHANGING the current 4s, (IE: from [SHOES] to [Weapon]
Copy Code
[WARNING:] VIP Synthesis, is directly from chinese server, i have had 2 friends that have tested this in OUR server, come to find out the results are negative. *After doing some research with my friends in the chinese server, they received a SPECIFIC PATCH regarding the following synthesis formulas, which we HAVE NOT received yet! (*DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO THESE VIP FORMULAS*) They are only being posted, so you can note them for future update possibilities.
[Item Synthesis Formulas]
  1. 3-Day VIP + 3s + 3s = 7-Day VIP

  2. 3-Day VIP + 4s + 4s = 30-Day VIP

  3. 7-Day VIP + Trophy + 2s = 30-Day VIP 

  4. 7-Day VIP + 3s + 3s = 30-Day VIP
Copy Code
Secret Pet Synthesis Formula!
  1. Pet(30 synthesis) + Food(1-5 synthesis value) + Food(1-5 synthesis value) = VULTURE PET 100%, EVERYTIME, easiest pet to level up ^_^
Copy Code

Final Word: I hope all of you have enjoyed my guide, i feel good sharing with you all of the hard work and determination i have learned within this game, feel free to leave me as much feedback as possible for me to update anything further or fix any typo's i didnt catch ^_^ I will be updating this guide personally when the time comes for updates/patches!


This guide is recommended by VastoJiraiya(VastoLord)


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