[ Strategy Pockie Ninja ] ApprenticesTutorial & Function

First i'll explain how to get an apprentice... it's easy, see:

First Step: Go to Arena and defeat a level 18 opponent

Second Step: Still in Arena, click in Disciple

Tutorial Disciple.JPG

Now will open the Guidance Room Box

Third Step: Click in Adopt and will open a list with the opponents defeated by you

Tutorial Adopt.JPG

Before choose your apprentice: i'll explain the subtitle: No master, Apprentice and Master

No Master: you will fight with the opponent defeated by you
Apprentice: He gotta an apprentice, so if you beat him, you'll take his apprentice for you
Master: It means he gotta somebody like his master, so you'll fight with his master

I recommend choose the player with " No Master " subtitle.

Tutorial Choose.JPG

Choosen the apprentice, you will fight with him and if you win, he'll be your apprentice ! So you need win

Congratulations you gotta an apprentice now !

Click in disciple again to see your apprentice.
Each Apprentice stays with you for 72 hours and they accumulate exp for you.

Tutorial Apprentice.JPG

The Apprentices can help you with your pet, decreasing the time to feed him in the Pet Kennel.

Tuto Pet kennel.JPG

And they can help you in Valhalla too.

Go to Demon City > enter in Valhalla > click in Slave > click in the "T" to put they in your team.


It's all, I hope you like and good luck ;D

Tutorial created by: xGALATICO
Source : pockie ninja forum

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  1. say how can i get the accumulated points of the apprentice or those it add automatically..by the nice guide...more guides to come Good luck


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