[Strategy] The Ultimate Guide to Pockie Ninja!

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Hey, Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to Pockie Ninja. This guide will help anyone to become to best player they can be. The tables of contents are as follows:

Table of Contents:       4th hokage chibi.jpg

I. Starting off

II. Outfits and Pets

III. Getting a Build

IV. Synthesis

V. Leveling and Gaining money and items

VI. Effective Use of Time

VII.How to become #1!

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When you first make a character you have to decide if it is male or female. At first, this dosen't seem like an important decision, but if affects the types of outfits you can wear from here on out. So choose wisely. Also make sure you choose a village that you think would be best in your case. For more information on the outfits and villages as well as beginning the game check out this guide: http://ninja.game321.com/forum/v ... amp;extra=page%3D1. After you have chosen your outfit and village you will begin the game with tutorials. If this is your first time playing I advise you to read all of the tutorials well so you know how the game works. In the game there are gold and gift coupons. They are similar in value, but gold is valued a little more because it requires you to purchase it with real money. Make sure to save all your gold coupons and only use them wisely. After you have completed all the tutorials you will gain a few levels and some bonus items. Also, do not forget to claim your gift cards. On the top left of the screen their is a bar that says "coupon". Click on it and claim what you can. To claim the newbie gift card go on the homepage of Pockie Ninja and you will see a bar that says "Newbie Card" it looks like this:

Claiming the Newbie card gets you really good bonus items. Now you will be set for a while. Do as much quests as you can and go to arena a lot to increase your rank, but don't go unless you are sure you will be strong enought to beat the opponents in the arena. If you lose in the arena your rank can go down and it will be harder to be promoted to the next level. So only fight when you are ready to. Now let's talk about outfits and pets.

outfit and pets.jpg                       hinata kiba shino team chibi.jpg

When you decide on your first outfit in the game and realize you don't like it don't worry you can obtain more. To get more information on outfits and their types click here to go the beginners guide again.  Each outfit has their own stats and attributes. Outfits are ranked in rareness by their color. The best is orange, the 2nd best is blue, and the 3rd best is grey. These colors determine the level of expertise. Here is an example of my outfit:  

1.) This is my outfit name: Hollowfied Hirako Shinji+0. He is a blue outfit which means he is the 2nd best type of outfit you can get. His "+0" means his level. I can increase his level
     by synthesizing 3 "+0s" to make a "+1" and so on if I want to continue leveling.

2.) These are my outfit's stats. His stats increase when he levels.

3.) Here is my outfit's expertise. My outfit is an earth release expert. Earth skills that I use have an increased effect by 10%.

4.) This is the type of weapon my outfit can use. My outfit can equip weapons that use fists.

Pets are monsters that you can obtain to help you fight in battle. You can get pets by exploring and encountering them. After you fight them you are able to capture them and make them your pet. At first you will get them as fledgling. Over time you can level them the same way you level outfits. This will evolve them. You can train your pet to discover skills that they can use to fight with. To train them you must go to a pet kennel and feed them pet food. You can obtain pet food in various ways.  You can explore outdoor places, quests, and buy some at the grocery at the item shop. For more info on pets click here to go to the guide.

getting a build.jpg        Chibi_Ulquiorra2.jpg

A build, for all those who don't know, is a set strategy to level and develop. For example, if we wanted to have a speed build we would find armor and weapons that have the highest boosts in speed that we could find at our level. We would also accompany a speed build with some body techniques, because those would work best with a speed build. You can also create more than one build. For example if you made a dodge and block build. You would obtain accessories, weapons, armor, and such that boost your dodge and block as much as possible. Althought, doing this can lead to having lower strength and attack attributes, but this will provide an excellent defense in battle. You could also expand on your build and even make a skill type of build. For example, a water build. You would need to find an outfit that is a water release expert. Preferably, a blue or orange outfit as these give better increases. Once you found that, you should try to unlock all the water jutsu so that you can then be effective in battle. The keu to getting a succesful build is to make sure your other attributes aren't to low and that there is somewhat of a balance. If you wanted a defense build and your defense was like 600 and your attack was 40-49 and all your other stats were 0-10, and your speed was around 1.02 the build would not be very successful.


So many guides on this one....Everyone trying to find out the exact recipes to get everything they want...in the end I find it impossible.  I'm not saying that the guides are bad, but they aren't exactly accurate all the time. Trying to synthesize gears with pets with outfits, and you end up with some awful product and you feel dissapointed. I honestly can say the only recipes that work are the gears, quest items, and some other recipes. Here is a list of recipes that I tested with 20 Tries each. To find out what some of these synthesize terms and good synthesizing formulas click here.

-Hand Grenade+2s+2s= Demon Proof(70%) Feather (30%)
-Anonymous Card*3= Anonymous Card Folder (100%)
-1s+1s+1s= 2s(50%) 3s(10%) another 1s (40%)
-2s+2s+2s= 3s(60%) another 2s (40%)
-All other recipes that are given in-game are 100% proof too.

leveling and getting items.jpg       


There's a lot of ways to level. You can level by doing quests you obtain, claiming quests at your village and angel city, and even the arena by claiming exp for medals you earn. One way that I do not recommend leveling is by fighting outdoor monsters. The exp you get while fighting outfoor monsters is nothing compared to the other ways you can do to level, and it saves time. The best way is by doing the Las Noches Challenge. You can only go twice a day so make sure you maximize your chances to level. Here are some tips on how to maximize your two trips to Las Noches a day.

-Make sure to stack up on hp and chakra pots so you can go to the max floor.
-Repair all armor and wepons before entering
-Equip skills that would be effective for fighting monsters, not for pvping.
-Use Hp carriers for when you want to go really far.
-I recommend using healing skills while fighting so you can survive longer without always potting.

Gaining money and items

You can get weapons, armors, accesories, pets, oufits, etc. by doing all types of things. You can do quests at your level, claim quests at angel city or you village, you could also do exploration. You can also loot by fighting bosses and doing team challenges at some outdoor places. You can get outfits easily by smashing jars. I recommend if you buy gold to smash the colorful outfit jars. These give you the best chances of getting outfits. Outfits can also be obtained by doing s-rank missions. The best way to get items besides smashing jars is to do the Valhalla Challenges. Valhalla Challenges can be done 3 times a day. Here are some tips on how to prepare for Valhalla Challenges.

-Repair all armor and weapons and prepare for long fighs.
-Going with a team is recommended because you can dominate a lot more with a party of allies.
-Healing skills are a must because you will fight 3 different opponents at a time.
-Make sure to have skills fit for fighting monsters for a long period of time.
-Only play if you are sure you are up for the challenges.
The last round is always a lot harder than the previos ones
so you might lose even if you completely dominated the previous rounds.

effective use of time.jpg          gaara chibi.jpg

Now, if you want to become the best you have to make sure you use your time efficiently. If you are trying to gain levels for example, don't waste your time doing quests that don't give good exp. Do Las Noches challenges. Then try to gain some outfits or rank up in the arena. It's always good to have fun. Make a party and fight some team challenges and do some Valhalla challenges. Enjoy the game instead of just working at doing all the quests you can possible. Here are some DOs and DONT'S that you should follow to get the most out of Pockie Ninja.


-waste your time trying to level fighting outdoor monsters they don't give good exp
-spend all your medals on an elementary colored jar. Rank up! Then smash jars when you are a junior or something.
-spend all your time at arena trying to rank when you constantly lose. Level up and figh
-spend all yout stones trying to synthesize. Synthesize when you have spare money.
-waste all your gift coupons on instant completing quests, and refreshing things all the time.
-stay on this game 24/7 take breaks and do some other things.


-level at the Las Noches twice a day
-do challenges at Valhalla with teams. It increases your chances of winning.
-smash the colorful outfit jars to get a lot of outfits.
-exchange arena medals for good armor
-do all your quests you get at each level.
-claim quests from time to time at your village or angel city. (Try to do some S-Rank missions for good loot.)
-enter tournaments and hope you get some wins.
-upgrade your weapon and armor when you talismans and stones
-have fun at become #1!

how to become 1.jpg

Well, it's like I said earlier READ THIS GUIDE. If you get to this part of the guide you now know what you need to do to become #1. Now go out there and do it! If you have any questions or suggestions to the guide please feel free to comment. Thanks for reading.

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