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How many of you guys have been leveling up and the 4s that you were once so happy to have won now seems like its not quite as useful - maybe even a burden? We're going to learn in here the best ways to succeed at helping your 4s equipment grow with your character.

Before I even begin - I'm going to let you know that none of these methods are cheap by any means - but 4s items are the most useful in the entire game. A full set of 4s equipment can make the difference in a +2 outfit user beating a +10 or even +15 outfit user.

Part 1: Main Item
Now..for 4s synthesis the main item is NOT going to be your current 4s. It is going to be a 3s in the level range that you want the resuly to be.

My 4s is level 25 but I would like to make it a level 40 piece of equipment.

The main item in this case must be a 3s with a level requirement between 41 and 50.

Part 2: First Catalyst
The first catalyst is going to be the 4s that you would like to upgrade. Level and stats on this weapon have nothing to do with the stats that the result will have.

Part 3: Second Catalyst
This is where you start to get a few options as to what you are going to use. Choose wisely because the higher the synth value of this last item, the higher the likelihood of the result. I'll list the possible choices in order of least successful to most successful.

-3s [NOT recommended]
-Orange Outfit [This is what I normally use - pretty good success rate]
-Lucky Gem [If you have a spare, then this is your best option]
-Another 4s [This will yield high success but I'd rather gamble a bit. Its up to you]
-National Cup Trophy [Personally I find this a bit overkill as you can make a 4s with most of these trophies without having to use another 4s as a catalyst. This item, however, will yield the highest success rate]

A bit of luck and most of these recipes should work. Do not be surprised if you wind up with a 3s as the nature of the beast known as synthesis is not kind. What you do need to understand though, is this is the only way.

Part 4: Reroll the result into something you need
If you ended up with a piece of equipment that you didnt really want to replace yet, do not worry because you can always turn your 4s into something else. The best recipe I have found for this [which has never failed for me in nearly 50 tries] is:


I can't guarantee a 100% success rate - but I would be SHOCKED if this failed. I would also appreciate that if this DOES fail - please post here and inform me so I can add a warning.

Part 5: What if I dont already have a 4s?
Well, you're not totally out of luck. If you don't already have a 4s that you want to upgrade you can use any of the equipment listed as a Second Catalyst for your First Catalyst as well. Always remember that the success rate for the result goes up as the synthesis value of the catalysts go up.

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