[ Pockie Ninja Guide ]Pet Tracing System

Must be Level 18 or higher to access Pet Tracing system
You can use Pet Tracing system 10 times a day. Will be replenished at 24:00 everyday.


Spanner: Repair a Broken Arrow Card. Repaired Arrow Card will return to its Original direction.
The path will be able to Flip 3 Cards.


But if you use a Spanner to Repair the left Broken Arrow Card, the path will become better.


Knob: Change the direction of an Arrow Card randomly. Cannot point to a direction where there's no Card.
The path will be able to flip 6 Cards.


But if you use Knob to change the direction of an Arrow Card, the path will become better. (It's better to use Knob to change direction of Arrow Card in the corners because of the "Cannot point to a direction where there's no Card." Rule, you are sure which direction it will point at.


Magnifier: Can Indentify question mark(?) Card, Identified Card may be Normal Arrow Card or Broken Arrow Card.
Question Mark(?) Card can sometime influence which path you choose, so it's better to indentify them before making a decision.


It may be a normal Arrow Card or a Broken Arrow Card.

Unused Tracing Tools will be reseted at 24:00 everyday! be sure to use them before that.
1- Click on any Card to start Tracing.
2- After that, another card which is pointed by the arrow on the previous card will be flipped as well, until the direction of an arrow points no card.


There's Reward item under each card:


You must take all items in the Temporary inventory before you can start a new tracing.
Tracing tools can be used before you start flipping card, so you can make a better path
You can use Gold to Refresh all 9 cards before you start.
Reward includes: Pet Egg, Pet Foods, Pet Skill Lock, Tracing Tools.


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