Posts Only [Strategy]Rare Iron Ore 100% and 50% success.

 Well every1 says that there are 3 types of Mystery Scroll for Weapon, Armor and Accessory. there is only 2 types that u can easily notice by reading the description (may be it is the mistake in translation GM please dont fix this). I call this Type 1st-line and type 2nd-line.

How can u notice that? Take a look at the "grenades" in the description. Like the name said, the 1st-line type has the "grenades" in the first line and the 2nd-line has "grenades" in the second line.
If anyone cant notice this take a look at the picture:

Type 1st-line
And type 2nd-line (there are 2 kinds of this type)

Now we understand that, for 100% success we should stick to the 1st-line type (since it only have 1 kind). Then what type of gear that suitable for it? The Answer is here :



That is right Weapon. Now we dont have to try again and again to lose a lot of hand grenade and stones just to make 1 rare iron ore.
But what can we do if we cant get the 1st-line type scroll? Then we have to synth w/ the other type . Well now it down to 50% for the 1st try but still 100% for the next when we know that the 2nd-line type scroll only suitable for armor and accesssory (try to get at least 2 of them)
Hope this help pp to get more stones xd (I need a lot to synth xd) and get more reward since the quest for Rare Iron Ore is Rank S.

Thank's to : katsu

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